Wardens’ Report: January 2018

Vestry 2018

I am delighted to show you our 2018 Vestry.  We had a great retreat last weekend and we are eagerly anticipating all that God will do through our church this year.

The vestry chose Meredith Taylor to serve as our treasurer and Sean Burke to serve as our secretary.  Dietrich Kuhlmann and Becky Mohr will serve as our wardens.

The wardens meet monthly with the rector to plan and share the leadership of the vestry.  They are wise, strategic, and people who pray.  You will hear from them each month in this quick report that summarizes the discussions and decisions of our vestry.

Join me in giving thanks to God for our new vestry and officers.


The Wardens’ Report: a brief summary of highlights from monthly Vestry meetings, designed to provide information about our growth, finances, priorities and progress towards our strategic plan.

This report combines our 23 January Vestry meeting which was followed by our 26-27 January Vestry Retreat. 

During our Vestry meeting we enjoyed dinner together and prayer before starting the meeting.  This month David Hanke led us through our prayer time which focused on asking the Holy Spirit to bless our time together and give us wisdom as we start the meeting and a new year.  We welcome your prayers for all the staff, the Vestry, God’s work here at Quincy Street and the successful launch of Incarnation Anglican in South Arlington. 

The majority of the Vestry meeting focused on reviewing our Pastoral Charge, Diocese Constitution and Canons, bylaws and the many guidelines that those before us have faithfully prepared to aide us in fulfilling our responsibilities as Vestry members of a vibrant and growing Christian community.  

We voted to:

At the Vestry Retreat we focused on the parables in Matthew 13 and, after a team building exercise, we shared and prayed over the thorns and weeds in our lives.  We spent quiet time discerning what God was saying to us about what the “the Kingdom of heaven is like …” and then shared how we might apply those insights to sustaining the great work God is doing in Restoration and Incarnation.  We are excited about the well-crafted ministry plan from the Incarnation steering team and we look forward to faithfully supporting them in this year of launch!  

Finally, we elected the vestry officials for 2018:

– Wardens: Becky Mohr and Dietrich Kuhlmann

– Treasurer: Meredith Lloyd Taylor

– Secretary: Sean Burke

We ate, we laughed, we prayed, we listened – God was very gracious and the time together was an amazing blessing.

As always, if you have questions, concerns, words of wisdom or encouragement, please know that we are open to your feedback.  You can read an archive of past Wardens’ Reports on our website or Vestry Meeting minutes on CCB, under the ‘Files’ tab in the ‘Entire Church Group’

– Becky Mohr and Dietrich Kuhlmann, Wardens