On my bookshelf and in my ears.


Below is a collection of some of my favorite places to land — books, websites, and podcasts — as I think about kids, families, and the Bible. It is my right-now, but ever-fluid list of some of my go-tos.

Engaging in all these things — especially reading — is about doing it together. Hearing. Wondering. Sitting. Being. Together. It is often the relationship that surrounds the “thing” that influences how and what we get from the “thing”. A Bible story read snuggled up together with someone you love is imprinting more than just words. Reading is about relationship. And it is out of that relationship that questions can be asked and ideas explored — together.

I’d love to hear about YOUR favorites, too!



Nursery (0-2 years old)

The Look and Point Bible is fun because it is interactive; inviting the reader to, well, look  and point!  🙂

The Rhyme Bible is great for developing language skills.

A Child’s First Bible is short and sweet with a question at the end of each story.

The New Bible in Pictures For Little Eyes is a sweet classic.

The Read and Rhyme Storybook looks fun!

Lift the Flap Bible is also interactive.

The Toddler Adventure Bible Storybook looks good, too.

Found is so lovely!

Preschool (2-6 years old)

God’s Story For Me is a good collection of many stories that will enhance children’s biblical literacy.

The Complete Illustrated Children’s Bible has beautiful illustrations

Jesus Calling Bible Storybook is good for a short devotional and a good way to practice listening for Jesus’ voice.

Day by Day Bible takes kids through the Bible in one year with a short story for each day.

Early Elementary (6-8 years old)

The Jesus Storybook Bible captures God’s plan for Jesus as our redeemer from the beginning and weaves it into every story.

Shine On: A Story Bible has great wondering-type questions and a variety of illustrators

The NIV or NIrV Adventure Bible is a full text Bible written in slightly modified language for early readers and listeners

The ESV Big Picture Bible is a full text Bible with illustrations scattered throughout

Jesus Calling For Kids is a sweet devotional with Scripture references making a full text Bible easier to navigate

Upper Elementary (8-11 years old)

The Action Bible has a format that kids find captivating and it can cover a lot of material, although not in depth

Wondrous Works of God and Mighty Acts of God are good companion books to one another 

The ESV Big Picture Bible is a full text Bible with illustrations scattered throughout


Teach Us to Pray is a great book of Scripture-centered family worship through the year 

Good Dirt a three volume set that takes you through the church year 

Long Story Short and Old Story New 


The Ology is a good resource for elementary kids to read with an adult or for adult study as a way to help you explain things to kids

The Bible Story Handbook is like a mini-commentary on teaching Bible stories to kids

Young Children and Worship is the first of the Godly Play books

Following Jesus is the second of the Godly Play books

I Wonder is a good book that has great questions to get you thinking and practical tools to get you “doing”


This site has an array of hands-on ways of praying and responding to Bible stories.

This site has some of my favorite ways to do art with kids which I then adapt and interpret for responses to Bible stories.


This interview with Sally Lloyd-Jones is inspiring.

This talk by Rebecca Nye is helpful in talking about the spiritual development and nurturing of children’s spirituality.