The Wardens’ Report for July 2020

The Wardens’ Report: a brief summary of highlights from monthly Vestry meetings, designed to provide information about our growth, finances, priorities and progress towards our strategic plan.

The vestry gathered for another socially distanced meeting on Tuesday, July 28th. Mary Breed led us in prayer for our congregation, our community and our staff, particularly Kathy Kenyon, our Coordinator of Sacramental Life, who gave our staff report this month. We are grateful for Kathy and her leadership of our Sunday volunteers and her dedication to serving and caring for Restoration, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We received an update from Ryan Goyer about our new website. It will be ready early fall and will include ease of access to 10+ great years of preaching, streamlined navigation, and simply a fresh look. We can’t wait for you to see it.

David Hanke gave a Rector’s Update on how he and the staff are doing in this ongoing season of working and worshiping (mostly) remotely. We are excited about one change for our staff team: Isaiah Brooms will be shifting into the role of Curate in order to prepare for his calling as a priest. Isaiah was ordained to the transitional diaconate last November and will be ordained as a priest this November. We are grateful for the work he has given to APEX and for his years of care for our teens and their families. Alongside his preparation for ordination to the  priesthoodIsaiah will continue to oversee all our technology related needs. He has been the man behind the scenes for nearly all videos and YouTube Live Broadcasts and we are grateful for how he has stepped into that role in this season.

We voted to approve Restoration’s delegates for the 2020 DOMA Synod who are John Hodukavich, Brendan Sorem, Kevin Marshall and Richard Hines. The DOMA Synod is an annual gathering of churches in our diocese to conduct the business of the diocese and to worship and learn together.

We voted to change the format of our Fall Retreat this year. We regret that we will not be heading to Massanetta Springs in Harrisonburg in October; however, we commissioned the Fall Retreat Team to create a local learning experience with Rev. Dr. David Taylor, who is scheduled as our fall retreat speaker, over the weekend of October 9-11, 2020. We are looking forward to hopefully hosting David here in Arlington this October.

We briefly discussed beginning plans for Phase Beta and what fall at Restoration will look like. Our Reopening Team will continue to work on these plans alongside David during August. We are in Phase Alpha, which lasts through September 6th. If you would like to join us for in-person Sunday worship, we invite you to sign up here. If you are looking for other ways to connect, you can see what’s happening at Restoration this summer here.

Brad Jones, our treasurer, provided a financial update: we are grateful to be in excellent financial shape as we approach the end of our fiscal year. Brad also presented the final budget recommendations from our finance team, and the vestry approved the budget as recommended. Every year,this team generously gives its time and provides excellent support for the vestry and the church. This year, the team recommended the vestry approve a steady state budget due to the macroeconomic situation created by the pandemic. (That is, we are basing the budget on a forecast of revenue equal to that for the current fiscal year, which is a bit below where we expect to actually end up this fiscal year.)While holding our budget steady, we will continue to offer our staff annual cost of living increases. 

Finally, Dan Vogel, the vestry liaison to the Outreach Steering Team (OST), presented OST’s recommendations for this year’sgrants. We are excited to continue supporting our current global and local partnerships and expect to revisit and expand the OST grantsthis fall based on how our fiscal year concludes. To learn more about our global and local partnerships, head here.

As always, if you have questions, concerns, words of wisdom or encouragement, please know that we are open to your feedback.  You can read an archive of past Wardens’ Reports on our website or Vestry Meeting minutes on CCB, under the ‘Files’ tab in the ‘Entire Church Group’

Johanna Montague and Kevin Marshall, Wardens