At Restoration, our community includes people who span the spectrum from the curious to the
convinced, people who’ve followed Jesus for years and others who are just beginning to explore
what this church thing is all about. We love this diversity and think it’s one of the marks of a healthy church.

But for those who are committed to following Jesus, being committed to a church community is a crucial part of discipleship. That’s why we invite people to become members of Restoration. Restoration members make commitments to each other and choose to belong to each other. Those commitments create an environment in which people can experience love, practice forgiveness, and be challenged to grow deeper in their dependence on God.

Interested in learning more?

  • Read about the New Testament foundations of church membership.
  • Explore the commitments that Restoration members make.
  • Check out our membership FAQ.
  • Attend a Living God’s Story at Restoration Dinner to begin the process of becoming a member. Sign up below! 
  • And after the dinner, meet with a clergy person so we can get to know you better and fill out the form to finalize your membership.

Registration for Living God's Story at Restoration virtual dinner is closed. Please join us for our next dinner January 2020.

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