Jan 25: Restoration Launch Team begins worship

From Jan 25, 2009 until Easter, Restoration will be worshipping as a launch team at our facility on Quincy St.  These three months are a critical time for us to grow in friendship as a community, to practice our liturgical mechanics (how we structure the service, move people around the sanctuary, welcome new-comers), and to establish our nascent childrens and small group ministry.  We have a committed core of 55 adults and 35 kids.  Over the next 3 months, our hope is to pray and practice and pray and listen and pray and worship and pray and be ready to love our neighbors and love Arlington with the great news about Jesus.

Jan 18: Restoration sent out from TFC

On January 18, at the 9 and 11 services at The Falls Church, Restoration Anglican Church will be commissioned, blessed, and prayed out.  We are so thankful to be a part of the TFC mission to follow Christ the King.  Planting a daughter congregation in Arlington is a strategic next step as we seek to plant Gospel Churches all around the beltway corridor.  Join us at TFC on the 18th or in thanksgiving from a distance as we worship in gratitude for what the Lord has done.

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