February 22, 2009

“Faith Vocation Culture: A Coherent Life” by Steven Garber and David Hanke.

Unfortunately Steve’s audio didn’t record properly, so we only have the first half of David’s sermon. Our apologies!

You can view and print the sermon manuscript here.

February 15, 2009

“The Gospel is Proclaimed by Word and Sacrament”
by David Hanke.

Listen to, and download the sermon, and view the sermon notes here.

February 2, 2009

“The Gospel Forms Community”
by David Hanke.

First, Sermon, Ever

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The Gospel Changes Everything

Getting excited about our first sermon series at Restoration.  Here’s an overview…  I look forward to wrestling through these issues with you over the next 5 weeks.

Jesus calls each of us into a relationship with Him.  He calls us to leave our former lives, to lay down the things to which we cling for security, and to follow Him as our Leader and Forgiver.  Along the journey, God puts us in contexts that stretch our faithful dependence on Him.  These vocational contexts build our character and provide opportunities to shape our culture.  By way of support, God gives us the gift of community to encourage and refine us.  The community finds its corporate rhythm in regular worship through Word and Sacrament.  Through all of this: character, culture, community, and worship, it is the Gospel that changes everything.

Coming Soon!

Sermon downloads, materials, and podcast coming soon!

King David the Dad

This weekend I will reflect on David’s performance as a father.  Generally it was pretty shabby.  It is uncomfortable to see so clearly the effects of our passivity, lack of discipline, and with-holding of grace.

The story of David and his kids– Amnon, Tamar, and Absalom– is told over the pages of 2 Samuel 13-20. Today’s sermon is homiletically unusual because it is given from King David’s perspective. You will hear a first person account of David’s reflections about the discharge of his parental duties. Parenting is a role that impacts and shapes us all– either as practitioner or as someone’s legacy. King David as dad is King David at his most earthy and vulnerable:

Eugene Peterson calls David’s treatment of Absalom, ‘the third monumental sin of David’s life, the most inexcusable, and the one for which he paid the most. The adultery with Bathsheeba was the affair of a passionate moment. The murder of Uriah was a royal reflex to avoid detection. But the rejection of Absalom was a steady, determined refusal to share with his son what God had so abundantly shared with him.’

Leap Over a Wall p. 197

‘St.'(!) Augustine on Jesus

This week I will be preaching on Isaiah 64 and Mark 13.  For me (and I think the historic church), Advent is all about longing.  It is taking stock of where we are and realizing we want more.  For Israel, they longed to the marrow of their bones for redemption, deliverance, justice, a better life.  A Messiah was their only hope and they bled their longing on the pages of their Bibles.

Do we long for Jesus?  Here is St. Augustine, (writing around 400AD), imagining when Jesus comes again:

“The first coming of Christ the Lord, God’s Son and our God was in obscurity. The Second will be in sight of the whole world.

When he came in obscurity no one recognized him but his own servants. When he comes openly he will be known by both the good and the bad.

When he came in obscurity it was to be judged. When he comes openly it will be to judge.

He was silent at his trial, as the prophet foretold… Silent when accused, he will not be silent as judge.

Even now he does not keep silent, if there is anyone to listen. But it says he will not keep silent then, because his voice will be acknowledged even by those who despise it.”

St. Augustine.

Bring your longings to Advent.

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