Glebe Star Tree

Quincy St

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The Glebe Star Tree is here! It’s that most wonderful time of the year when we get to actively participate and serve the community that surrounds us. We invite you to partner together to provide gifts for the children of families in need at Glebe Elementary School.

There are four easy steps:

SIGN UP. Join in by signing up for a needed gift listed here. We suggest a budget of $25-40.

SHOP. Jot down who you’re shopping for and what your shopping goals are, and then head to the shops!

WRAP. Wrap your gift and securely attach a tag to your gift with all the important identifying information — family #, child’s gender, child’s age, and a description of the gift.

DELIVER. There are two places you can drop your gift. Choose the one most convenient for you:

  1. At Restoration Anglican Church between 8 AM – 2 PM on these Sundays: November 27, December 4, or December 11.
  2. At Glebe Elementary School during school hours between 8:40 AM – 4:50 PM beginning Monday, November 28 through Thursday, December 15.

If you can’t get your gift to Restoration by December 11 or Glebe by December 15, or you have any questions, please reach out to Louise.

If you’d prefer to support Glebe Star Tree in other ways, specifically the weekend of December 17 and 18,  consider signing up here to sort, bake, or package goodies for families who come to pick up their gifts.

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