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Middle schoolers at Restoration are invited to participate in Middle School Service Week, running from Tuesday, August 15 – Friday, August 18. Middle School Service Week will give students opportunities to see how Christians are called to love and serve their neighbors. The theme of our week will be “reconciliation.”

During the week, we will assist some of our outreach partners by participating alongside them in various service projects. We will close our week at the farm of Sean and Shannon Litton who will share their story of serving others.

We hope your student(s) will join us for a transformative week of service!

Below are answers to some questions you may have.

How much does Service Week cost?

Service Week registration is $80 per student. The bulk of the cost is to cover the cost of transportation throughout the week. Scholarships are available; reach out to Ryan if you’re interested in that.

How long is the program for each day of Service Week?

Tuesday through Thursday of Service Week we will be together from 9am-3pm. As we finalize the last couple activities for the week, the 9am-3pm may change. We’ll email everyone registered if that happens.

On Friday, when we go to the Litton’s farm, we’ll be together from 9am-5pm.

As the date of Service Week gets closer, we’ll send out a more detailed schedule of our daily activities.

Why is Service Week shorter this year?

Many students last year were only able to attend for part of the week, so we thought it would be better to shift toward a shorter week this year.

What if my student(s) can only attend part of Service Week?

We encourage all attending to take part in the entire week, if possible, as we’ll go through teaching and small group time meant to tie all the experiences of Service Week together.

However, if your student(s) are only available for some of the four-day stretch of Service Week, please reach out to Ryan.

What about food?

We’ll be in touch with those registered regarding lunch in July. Students will likely be asked to bring a lunch for at least two of the four days of Service Week.

I have a high school student. Can they get involved?

Yes! We will be looking for a few high school aged students to join us as well to help facilitate activities and serve as small group leaders. Interested parents/high schoolers can reach out to Ryan and Lexi.

Why should my student(s) go to Service Week?

The goal of Middle School Service Week is to give students a clear picture of how a relationship with God influences the way we think about our neighbors and their needs. Middle School Service Week will also provide a unique opportunity to further explore the work that Restoration’s various outreach partners do.

By looking at the story of God’s work primarily through the lens of reconciliation, we’ll see how the small things we do to assist our outreach partners and friends throughout the week make a big difference in bringing God’s kingdom to earth.

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