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Parish Meeting

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We will be preparing for Lent together with a Parish Meeting before commencing our 24 hours of prayer between Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. Here’s what you need to know, from David:

1.  Make plans for pancakes.
We have a little acronym around our house, PFD, which stands for ‘Pancakes For Dinner’.  It’s a fun night when that happens.  Every year we have pancakes together as a church on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.  This year we are inviting you to do it together, a part.  Make some pancakes on Tuesday night, February 16 and prepare to enter in to Lent.

2.  Parish Meeting from 7-8pm on Tuesday, Feb. 16.
After pancakes (or while you eat them!) jump on Zoom for our Parish Meeting.  I want to introduce you to some fun folks and share updates on what is happening at Restoration.  We will spend a quick 30 minutes giving important information and then we will transition to 30 minutes of prayer as we start our Parish-Wide 24 Hours of Intercession to Begin Lent.


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