Pints & Perspectives

Leadership Institute - 1101 N Highland St, Arlington, VA


Restoration is partnering with Anne Cregger and Navs 20-30’s for another round of Pints and Perspectives with Rev. David Hanke.

Please join us on Tuesday night May 10 @ 7pm at the offices of the Leadership Institute (1101 N Highland St, Arlington, VA – next to Trader Joe’s at the Clarendon Metro Station). RSVP and submit a question.

There will be FREE Rocklands BBQ and drinks. All are welcome. Please invite your friends.

You’re invited to ask whatever you like. You can submit a question in advance. There will also be opportunities to write a question or ask a question during the conversation. Here’s some examples:

  • Why should I trust God, after all this has happened, and is still happening!?
  • What are some hopeful steps we can take to work on areas of racial injustice?
  • My brother is in a cult in CA. I have no idea how to help.
  • I was never really worried about my work performance (or any other kind for that matter) until I got to this city. Now I feel borderline terrified all the time. What can help?
  • Can a relationship with God actually help with things like work/life balance? Family stuff? Performance issues?

When? Tuesday, May 10, 2022, 7 pm
Where? The Leadership Institute, 1101 N Highland St, 4th fl, by the Clarendon Metro Station. There’s street parking, too.
Will there be food? Yes! FREE Rocklands BBQ, and we’ll have wine, beer, iced tea and water.
Who’s leading? David Hanke, Rector, Restoration Anglican
RSVP? Right here!

Can’t wait to see you on Tuesday, May 10!

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