Useful Anglican Doctrine for Today

Anglicanism, according to J.I. Packer, possesses “the truest, wisest and potentially richest heritage in all Christendom” with the Thirty-nine Articles at its heart. The Articles catch the substance and spirit of biblical Christianity superbly well, and also provide an excellent model of how to confess the faith. (From Dr. Packer’s book, The Thirty-Nine Articles: their place and use today). 
We are fortunate to have such a succinct and clear summary of doctrine and belief. It is my hope that whether you have been worshiping in Anglican churches for a lifetime or you just started attending Restoration, you will join us for this insightful evening on ‘what Anglicans believe.’
Our speaker will be The Rev. Dr. Sam Pascoe who has pastored large and small churches for over thirty years. He also co-authored an enormously helpful book, Our Anglican Heritage, with The Rt. Rev. John Howe. Sam is a wonderful teacher and thoughtful pastor. I always enjoy getting to spend time with him and I look forward to Restoration getting to know him as well. You can read more of Sam’s story, here.
Would you like to get a brief introduction to the 39 articles before July 12? Read this.  And look at page 772 in our Book of Common Prayer. See you on July 12!
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