hospitality and the pool

One of the activities I love to hate is swimming.  Arlington has great pools that are so convenient.  It is one of the things I love about this county.  The pool I swim in has a cadre of fiercely loyal denizens.  These men are there (early) every morning.  They bang out 80-100 laps (way more than me) then afterwards chat it up in the locker room.  Yesterday, the place was PACKED.  6 lanes of 5 swimmers.  People were grumpy.  The post-swim ‘regulars’ chatter centered around ‘how do we get these extra people to go away’?  There was no celebration that more people were swimming.  There was no delight in welcoming extra folks to the pool.  Instead–  ‘it’s supposed to get really cold this week, maybe that will keep people away.’  Or ‘I hear they might turn the heat down in the locker rooms, maybe that will discourage new-comers.’

Can’t blame ’em.  If I have a set way of doing things…  If I love my lane all to myself…  Then people get in the way.  Restoration worships in a small building.  We are new.  Many folks will check us out.  How do we communicate sheer delight that lots of people have come to hear about Jesus, to be in community, to take our pew and parking space?