Reopening Restoration: Phase Beta


The Phase Beta plan builds on the foundation that was established in Phase Alpha.  Phase Alpha was designed to be deliberately small and conservative so that we could test and pilot having a congregation in our sanctuary.  We wanted to give Restoration people an opportunity to demonstrate their desire to worship in-person and we wanted to test our systems for doing it safely.  Phase Alpha went very well.  

We are now ready to transition from a test phase (Alpha) to an implementation phase (Beta).  This will involve scaling in scope and experience: We will increase our capacity in the sanctuary with subdued singing and add the sacraments of Eucharist and Baptism to our ‘Yard’ experiences.  We will continue to stream our service over YouTube Live each week while also offering Yard Worship once a month in multiple locations.

The transition from Phase Alpha to Beta is not triggered by a shift in the medical realities of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is a shift from pilot to implementation that comes from successful summer trial runs.  Each of the changes suggested below are within the guidelines and best practices of the state of Virginia Phase 3 plan for religious organizations. 

Here are the changes and additions that will accompany our next phase of reopening Restoration:

Sunday Corporate Worship:  More face coverings, Increased Capacity, soft singing, weekly attendance

As long as the Governor keeps VA at Phase 3, we will generally keep the same guidelines for Sunday, in-person corporate worship as outlined in Phase Alpha with these changes:

  1. Face Coverings:  Based on the guidance of the CDC and Virginia Phase 3 Guidelines for Child Care, we will now ask that everyone over the age of 2 who is in the building wear a face covering.  
    1. CDC guidelines recommend that “people wear masks in public settings when around people outside their household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.” CDC also states that “masks should not be placed on children under age 2.” 
    2. Virginia Phase 3 Guidelines for Child Care states “staff and children over the age of two should use cloth face coverings when physical distancing cannot be maintained.”
    3. Face coverings on everyone over the age of 2 is consistent with the practice of other churches in our diocese.
  2. Capacity.  There is no longer a 50% capacity limit in Phase 3 for religious services. (The Certificate of Occupancy for Restoration’s sanctuary = 384 total people. Restoration’s sanctuary can accommodate 192 people at 50% of sanctuary occupancy load.) The maximum number of people our sanctuary can hold with 10 feet of social distancing is 104.  This is achieved by using an ‘X seating pattern’ putting 2 groups on the ends of a pew, skipping a pew, then a group in the middle of the pew, skipping a pew, then putting 2 groups on the ends of the pew.

    In a desire to build in extra margin for social distancing and smaller seating groups, we will put our sign-up genius cap at 75 (more than phase alpha, but still 25% less than our max number with 10 feet of social distancing).
  3. Singing.  The state of Virginia Phase 3 Guidelines add the following for all business sectors: “Maintain at least ten feet of social distance for establishments where exercise activities, singing, or cheering is performed, and at least six feet of distance for all other settings.”

    Because of the decreased age on face coverings (everyone over the age of 2), and the increased social distance in the sanctuary (10 feet front, back, diagonal, and side to side), the congregation will be instructed to sing quietly during worship.
  4. Attendance Restrictions:  During Phase Alpha, we asked for the congregation to only attend one of the services.  In Phase Beta, we are removing this restriction.  You are free to attend any service, provided in the prior 14 days:  you have not had a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19; and you have not had exposure to a person with COVID-19.  If you have traveled internationally or out of state in the previous 14 days, we ask you to thoughtfully consider not attending in person, in our sanctuary.
  5. Playground is open.  In July, Arlington County opened the playgrounds in county parks.  The Restoration playground is also open for kids to use.  Please wash your hands often. 
  6. Month Yard Worship continues:  We will continue to offer an outdoor opportunity for worship once a monthly in multiple locations around the area. 

Key features of Phase Alpha Corporate Worship that are staying the same:

  1. We will not provide a shuttle from the parking lot at 15th and Quincy. 
    (Many of you have asked how James, our shuttle driver, is doing.  He is doing well!)
  2. We will stream our service over YouTube Live at 10:00am each week.
  3. All the bathrooms are available in the building and should be used by one family at a time.

Yard Eucharist: Outside and weekly

The clergy would like to offer the Eucharist each week, outside, on Sundays, after the morning service, in Restoration’s backyard.  The congregation that is present in the sanctuary would be invited to come outside.  Those who desire outside Eucharist but didn’t attend inside the sanctuary will be free to join in as well.  It will begin around 11:15am. No sign up is necessary. Face coverings will be required.

Restoration is purchasing pre-packaged, individual wafer/wine combos.  (There will be gluten-free options.)  If participants would prefer, they are free to bring their own bread and wine.  These can be consecrated with the other elements. Everything will be put on a table during the Eucharistic prayers.  After ‘the gifts of God for the people of God…’ the congregation will be invited to come forward and take their own.  Once everyone has them, we will take communion together.  

Restoration intends to rent a tent for our parking lot from Sept 15-Nov 15. In the event of rain, the Eucharist could be served under the tent.  We are providing the Eucharist outside in order to limit the number of minutes that people are inside the sanctuary.  Outside is safer.  

The Eucharist will not be broadcast over YTL or Zoom.

This weekly Sunday Eucharist will generally take the place of Yard Eucharist. We want the congregation to have a regular and expected time to receive the Eucharist.  That said, the clergy are open to providing a Yard Eucharist on request.

NOTE: On September 20, October 18, and November 1, the clergy will have an evening Yard Eucharist at Restoration at 5:00pm because we will be celebrating baptisms right after the Sunday service (more on that below).

Yard Baptisms:  outside with multiple priests

We intend to celebrate baptism in Restoration’s yard on September 20, October 18, and November 1 right after the Sunday liturgy. [NOTE: We will offer Evening Yard Eucharist on these dates.] The celebrant will consecrate the water.  Then each family will come forward one at a time to have their child baptized. The parent will hold the child the whole time.  The priest will not take the child in his or her arms.  The priest will wear a face shield and mask.  The priest will NOT be wearing gloves.  Instead the priest will wash and sanitize hands after each baptism.  We will accomplish this by using multiple priests who rotate from baptism to hand washing and then back to baptism.  We will allow 5-7 children for each baptism Sunday.  Each household can bring around 10-12 people.  Our intention, for social distancing, is that we would not have more than 75 people attending.  

We will endeavor to broadcast the baptisms over Zoom (but they may just be recorded and streamed over YTL later). Baptisms will start immediately after the Sunday service (around 11:30am).  Households that are attending the baptism do not need to attend the in-sanctuary worship service. Face coverings are required for all households and their guests.

Adult Small Groups:  2 formats, shorter length

Restoration will provide 2 Adult small group options for the fall from mid-September to mid-November.  Small groups will meet for 60 minutes each week instead of 90 minutes. 

The format of the small group is chosen by the small group leader.

  • Remote-only through an online platform like Zoom, Google hangouts, or FaceTime
  • In-person and outside with masks on.  (Zoom as a weather alternative)

Restoration is not offering inside, in-person small groups during the Fall trimester,

Per our policy for in-person worship in our sanctuary, Restoration will notify small group attendees if someone in a small group they attend (outside, in-person) tests positive for COVID-19.  Health department officials will provide follow-up and contact tracing.

Kids’ Small Groups:  Remote and via Zoom

KSGs will continue to follow the format used in Phase Alpha.  We do not intend to have Sunday, in-person KSGs during Phase Beta.

APEX: A mix of remote and safe in-person events

Apex, our program for middle school and high school students, will kick off on Sept 13.  We’re aiming to offer both virtual gatherings and safe, socially distanced, in-person events.

Fall retreat: Connection and content in Arlington

The vestry has chosen to postpone the retreat at Massanetta Springs to October 9-10, 2021.  

The 2020 Fall Retreat team is creating an opportunity for our church to connect with each other and receive content from our speaker during the weekend of October 9-11, 2020.  We look forward to giving you those details soon.  Keep that weekend free!

Looking ahead…  we have not made final decisions about the 2021 Men’s Retreat and Women’s Retreat.  We anticipate that God will use our RestoMen and RestoWomen programs in powerful ways this year.  We will have details soon!

An Update from our Wardens about Reopening

“But I, through the abundance of your steadfast love, will enter your house.” (Ps. 5:7)

Dear Restoration,

We are delighted to announce that the Restoration Vestry has adopted, and our staff now is beginning to implement, a plan to bring us back together to worship, this summer.  Our Re-opening Team has been toiling since May, and the Vestry on Tuesday, after a lot of discussion and a few tweaks, unanimously approved its recommendation. David has details in his Rector’s Update video (here), and you can read the full plan here, but here are the basics:

We will begin “Phase Alpha” on July 12 with “Yard Worship” with clergy in four outdoor locations around Northern Virginia (one being Restoration’s parking lot). You can find more details and sign up here. We are excited for this opportunity to be together, and soon! That said, if you are not comfortable or unable to join those gatherings, that’s ok. We get it. These are unprecedented times and we each are evaluating risk differently.  We will also stream our service that day on our YouTube Channel at 10am with David preaching the next installment of the Joseph story. 

Then, on July 26, we will have our first service in the Sanctuary, starting with 50 adults.  Further services will be August 2 and, after a pause for staff to assess and adjust, August 23 and 30, September 6 (Labor Day weekend) and 13.  Look for a sign-up for these Phase Alpha services on July 15.  We will begin welcoming kids back in the Sanctuary gradually by age starting with kids 6th grade and older on August 23 and kids of any age on August 30th.  We will not be able to offer nursery or in-person Kids’ Small Groups or in-person APEX during Phase Alpha.  We anticipate that in this phase, some families will take turns:  sending one adult to worship in the sanctuary while one adult stays home.  We look forward to having entire households in our sanctuary by September.

We will continue to broadcast on YouTube Live for the foreseeable future. Restoration’s plan complies with all of the Governor’s requirements and recommendations from his Phase Two ‘Safer at Home’ plan, and Bishop Guernsey has advised us on it. So, although we must hold everything loosely these days, we are confident it is responsible and sustainable for us and for our neighbors on Quincy Street.

This won’t be our old “normal,” and much work remains to carry out the plan, but we are excited to begin returning. Please join us in prayers of gratitude, and in thanks particularly for the devoted and diligent work of the Re-opening Team:  Louise Brooks, Kat Downs, Adam Guzzo (vestry representative), David Hanke (rector), Kathy Kenyon, Dietrich Kuhlmann, and Jennifer Tibus. If you have questions or comments, please let us know: or

Johanna Montague and Kevin Marshall 
Vestry Wardens

Reopening Restoration: Phase Alpha


Our last corporate worship service in our facility on N. Quincy Street was March 8, 2020.  Since that time we have gathered almost daily by Zoom and YouTube Live.  The Holy Spirit has been with us.  He has not been restricted in His work of redemption, conviction, and hope.  We have missed each other and our sense of community is strong.  As we anticipate beginning to reopen our facility and to gather again on N. Quincy Street, the Holy Spirit will be with us in that as well-  even if we are in masks and needing to sing quietly.  God is at work and we do not need to be afraid. 

What is our goal in reopening the facility? 

We want to gather as many people for worship, as soon as it is wise, while being consistent with lawful guidance, and demonstrating clearly to our neighbors and members that we are concerned for their welfare.  We will not be at the vanguard of those reopening.  We hope to learn from others who are going first as we follow the phased approach that our governor is prescribing. 

We will choose to restrict ourselves for the sake of demonstrating love for our neighbor.  Specifically, we will wear face-coverings and limit congregational singing during Phase Alpha.  We acknowledge the challenge of this.  We miss ‘seeing’ each other and we miss ‘singing’ together.

We intend to start with one, in-person, hour-long worship experience for approximately 50 people on July 26.  That number could increase over the course of Phase Alpha (July 26 to September 13).

Executive Summary

We intend to have congregations of 50 persons in our sanctuary on July 26, Aug 2, 23, 30, Sept 6, 13.  Congregations will be determined by registering on Sign-Up Genius.  We ask people to only sign-up for one service in Phase Alpha and to choose a service that is not within 2 weeks of returning from travel or vacation.

We will also stream our service over YouTube Live each week.

Everyone on Restoration property who is 10 years or older will wear a face-covering.

We will ask the congregation to not sing before August 30.  We will re-evaluate the safety of congregational singing after that.  The congregation will be invited to fully participate in the spoken parts of the liturgy.  

We will not have Eucharist inside the sanctuary during Phase Alpha.

The first Sunday that is open for kids 5th grade and below to attend is August 30.  

We have followed every requirement and best practice that has been provided by the Governor of Virginia (these guidelines are appended to the end of this post for your review), yet we know that it may be some time before you are comfortable or able to worship in our sanctuary.  We miss you and we want to stay connected to you!  Please use our streaming options and please stay connected to our clergy, staff and volunteers through email, phone, and text.

What is our timeline?


  • Bishop John will comment on proposal.  DONE
  • Vestry will receive written proposal by June 23 in anticipation of discussion on June 30.  DONE
  • Vestry will vote to approve reopening plan.  DONE


  • Send plan that has been approved by vestry and Bishop John to the congregation.
  • July 12:  We will provide 4 outdoor prayer services (no Eucharist) that are led by David, Beth, Nathan, Scott in 4 locations at 4 different times.  We will also broadcast a pre-recorded service over YouTube Live at 10am for those who are not able to attend in person or in case of inclement weather.  
  • July 26:  Adults-only (16 and up) congregation of 50 people or less alongside YouTube Live.

August and September

  • Aug 2:  Adults-only (16 and up) congregation of 50 people or less alongside YouTube Live.
  • Aug 23:  Adults and APEX-aged kids in congregation of 50 people.
  • Aug 30, Sept 6, 13:  Anyone can attend in congregation of 50 people.
  • The majority of our congregation will still watch on YouTube Live.  

Kathy Kenyon will create sign-up genius for attendance and serve as overall seating master.

We will ask people to sign up for just one in-person Sunday during Phase Alpha.  We will post any left-over spaces in the e-news on the Friday before that particular Sunday. 

Assumptions about Reopening

  • YouTube Livestream will be an on-going part of Restoration worship for the foreseeable future. 
  • We will offer only 1 ‘in-person’ service per Sunday with YouTube Live.  This removes the need for quick cleaning turnaround.
  • We will not do Eucharist on Sundays during Phase Alpha.  We will continue to provide yard Eucharists through the summer. 
  • Everyone who is 10 years and older inside our building will wear a face covering.  
  • All interior doors will be propped.  
  • The exterior doors by the parking lot will be propped for congregants in high risk populations or who need to use the elevator to enter the building before the service. We will ask people to use the propped Upper Narthex doors for normal entry and exit.
  • No shuttle in Phase Alpha.
  • Bathrooms will be available.  Hand washing is strongly encouraged.  Single use barriers (paper towels) will be available for entering and exiting the bathroom.  We prefer that people use bathrooms one person at a time and to use those on the second floor in order to minimize any first floor activity.
  • Out of an abundance of caution as we start to reopen, we will ask the congregation to not sing before Aug 30 and then singing will be TBD after.  The music team will sing behind their plexiglass barriers so that we can offer musical worship to the congregation in the sanctuary and through YTL.  The music team will lead fewer songs (3 or 4 as opposed to 5 or 6). 

Actions to be taken before July 26 (1st Sun)

Consultative Role:  

  • Designate 2 or 3 health professionals who will provide COVID-19 guidance as we prepare to reopen.

Signage by July 26

  • We will use big easels (similar to KSG chalk boards) by our entrance.  
  • Post signage at the entrance that states that no one with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, or known exposure to a COVID-19 case in the prior 14 days, is permitted in the establishment.
  • Post signage that face coverings shall be worn, covering nose and mouth, at all times for everyone who is 10 years and older.
  • Post signage to provide public health reminders regarding social distancing, gatherings, options for high risk individuals, and staying home if sick. 
  • These warnings will be included in all emailed communication about the worship service.

Building Prep by July 26

  • Restrooms are available with single use barriers (paper towels) for opening doors.  We prefer that people use bathrooms that are on the second floor, and to do so one at a time, in order to minimize any first floor use. 
  • We will remove Bibles, BCPs, Welcome Cards, Name tags, and Service Guides from pews and store in bins in sacristy or in shed.   
  • The building will be cleaned three times a week.  We will have it cleaned on Sunday/Monday.  We will request that pews and door handles are specifically wiped down and disinfected.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be placed by entrance door and in upper narthex.  These have been ordered and should arrive before July 26.
  • The parking lot at the church will be for people with physical disabilities only.
  • All congregants (including music team and staff) will be asked to use the parking lot over I-66 and to walk to the building.  There will not be a shuttle.  Congregants aged 10 and older must be wearing their face covering before they arrive on Restoration’s property.  They do not have to wear their face covering while walking from parking lot.  
  • There are 17 pews on each side.  For at least the first few services, the first five pews will not be used for congregants.  The remaining 12 pews will be used alternatively-  6 pews on each side will have people in them.  Each pew can hold 2 multi-person households or 4 single-person households with six feet of social distance.  In this configuration, our sanctuary would max between 50 and 100 persons with 6 feet of social distance.
  • We will encourage seating to start at the front of the sanctuary and then work back so that people are not walking past each other as often in the sanctuary.  Ushers will dismiss congregants from the back and move forward.
  • Over the course of Phase Alpha, we will move YouTube Live streaming equipment so that people have unobstructed views.
  • Restoration will purchase 2-3 Floor Standing Clear Plastic Sneeze Guard Shields that are 6’x4’ and will be on the stage in front of the musicians who are singing without a face covering.  (usually Endel and 1 female vocalist)

Volunteer/Congregant Prep by July 26

  • Sunday building flow. There will be 2 entrances to the building:
    The ‘main’ entrance will be the second floor, upper narthex doors. 
    The ‘alternate’ entrance will be the first floor door off the parking lot.  The alternate entrance should only be used by adults in high risk populations and those who need the elevator.

    We will begin admitting people at 9:40am.  If people arrive earlier, we will have queue spots along our building going back to the HVAC then curving around the parking lot.  They will be at least 6 feet a part.  People should wear a face covering while in the queue. 

    If the door is open when you arrive, please do not congregate outside.  Please walk directly into the building and go directly to the sanctuary.  Ushers will guide you to either end of an open pew.  Please choose the most forward pew possible.  Please stay in your seating area the entire time you are in the building.  At the end of the service, ushers will dismiss you.  Please use the 3 upper narthex doors to exit, unless you need the elevator.  Everyone should exit through the upper narthex doors and then walk down the stairs.  You are welcome to socialize outside after the service with 6’ of social distance.  We recommend that you wear your face covering as well.

    Please arrive no later than 9:50.  If you arrive after 10am, please enter the sanctuary quietly under guidance from the ushers.  The ushers will probably ask you to wait until we have a video transition in the YouTube Livestream.
  • Ushers will be at side door entrance by 9:30am to manage the queue in the parking lot and to enforce face covering adherence as people enter.  If people arrive without a face covering, they will be invited to wear a Restoration provided disposable mask or they will be asked to leave.  No one (age 10 and older) can enter the building without a face covering for nose and mouth.

    The doors to the upper narthex and the doors by the parking lot will be propped for congregants to enter the building before the service.

    Ushers will also be in upper narthex to request hand sanitization, to enforce no congregating in narthex, and to guide people to their seats.

    Ushers will prop the Upper Narthex and parking lot doors for congregants to exit the building at the conclusion of the service. 
  • Worship Team and staff will be asked to do a self-check every week.  If they are showing any symptoms of illness, they are instructed to not attend or participate in the live worship service that week.  There will not be a temperature check on-site at Restoration.  If any volunteer or staff person is exposed to COVID, we will follow the leading of the health department and ask them to quarantine.
  • Kathy Kenyon is creating a sign-up genius for each service.  This will allow us to manage our capacity (the SUG shows how many people can come each Sunday).  Congregants will be asked to sit in designated areas at either end of an open pew, starting in the front of the sanctuary.  Ushers can assist with social distancing, should that be necessary.  Ushers will enforce compliance with face covering usage during the service.   
  • We will create a video for the congregation that demonstrates all of the changes we have made and what to expect when they return.  We would like to send this out on July 16 and July 23, at least. 

Liturgy Prep by July 26

  • Need to have screen in sanctuary for people to follow.  (No paper worship guides)
  • Service needs to be an hour (or less).
  • Microphones and stands are 1 per person at all times.  No shared mics or stands.  
  • We will not offer Sunday, inside sanctuary Eucharist during Phase Alpha.  We will continue to offer outdoor, yard Eucharists.
  • Out of an abundance of caution as we start to reopen, we will ask the congregation to not sing before Aug 30 and then singing will be TBD after.  We include 3-4 songs in our liturgy.  There will be a clear shield in front of the unmasked music team.  All of the congregants will wear a face covering, with a pew between them.  
  • We will not collect a physical offering during Phase Alpha.  In future phases, we will consider boxes in the rear of the sanctuary that could be used by those in attendance.  For now, all giving will be encouraged through our on-line portal or through the mail.
  • Kneeling during prayer is fine.  The kneelers are the only cloth in our sanctuary and so they contain a mild risk for transmission of COVID-19.  We think it is not a high risk.  
  • We will not offer After Service Prayer on-site during Phase Alpha.  We will continue to offer it via Zoom.


  • What is the first Sunday where kids 5th grade and younger can attend?  August 30.
  • What is our messaging to families with children who normally use nursery-5th grade Kids’ Small Groups? Kids are welcome and expected to sit with their families in the sanctuary. There will be no kids’ small groups (nursery-5th grade) and there will be no extra spaces available to walk around or play. [Louise Brooks will call families and check-in with them to go over the expectations before the Sunday they will attend.]
  • What is expected of children who are in the sanctuary? Can they get up in the middle of the service? Prefer that they not, but if they must, only with a parent. 
  • Can they use the restroom? Yes, but they need to go with a parent.  
  • Must children wear a face covering? In Phase Alpha, all children who are 10 years old and over must wear a face covering.  We recommend them for children over age 2 as well, but they are not required.
  • Can parents hang out in the upper or lower narthex or anywhere else in the building with their children? No. Both the upper and lower narthex, along with kids’ small group rooms, and the Fellowship Hall will be unavailable to those who are in the building.
  • Can parents take their kids to play outside of the church during or after the service? Children must be supervised by a parent at all times. If a parent chooses to be outside with their child where others are present, they must maintain 6 feet of physical distancing.

    We would like to make the playground available.  In order to do this safely, we would like to offer Clorox wipes and a hand sanitizer station.  Both of these have been very difficult to procure.  Thus, we will keep the playground closed until we have the supplies to set up these stations.  When the playground opens, we will ask everyone using it to wear a face-covering.

Guidelines for staff in Phase Alpha

  • All Restoration staff have been given permission to work from home.  All staff interactions, including ‘weekly all staff meetings’ and ‘weekly supervisor check-ins’ can happen by Zoom or telephone.
  • On Sundays, Isaiah, Ryan, Endel, David, +1 other clergy, are expected to be in the sanctuary.  No other staff is expected onsite.  One clergy is always asked to NOT be on-site and to serve as a ‘designated survivor’, should their be an outbreak of COVID-19 among those who are serving on Sundays.  
  • If staff are working in the building and sharing a space with co-workers, they need to wear a face covering.  ‘Sharing a space’ is defined as in the same room.  ‘Same room’ includes sanctuary (even at greater than 6’) and the mezzanine office area (no doors).
  • RILA staff have been given permission to use our facility during the week.  They must wear a face covering and be socially distant at all times.   

Questions that are still in process:

When would we need to consider multiple services on a Sunday?  Based on survey results that indicate a mixed desire to return to sanctuary before a vaccine;  and because multiple services on a Sunday create an exponentially greater cleaning cost and burden;  and because we are offering YouTube Live:  we do not intend to have multiple services in Phase Alpha and probably not for the remainder of 2020.

What procedure needs to be followed for sanitization following each service?  We are working with our cleaning crew on this.

Will bathrooms be open?  Yes.  We prefer that the upper narthex bathrooms be used (one person at a time) to minimize traffic on the lower level.

When does Eucharist come back on Sundays?  Not in Phase Alpha.  We will keep working on ways to do it safely inside and will consider it for Phase Beta.

Will we collect a physical offering?  Not during Phase Alpha.  Considering boxes in rear of sanctuary for future phases.  All offering for now will be on-line or through the mail.

What will be communicated if someone tests positive for COVID-19 and attended worship in our sanctuary?  Because we are using a sign-up genius for these worship gatherings, we will inform everyone who attended (and only those who attended) worship with that person the following:  “Someone who attended the in-person worship service on DATE has tested positive for COVID-19.  We have informed the health department about who was in the sanctuary on that date.  We encourage you to follow the guidelines that are recommended by our health department.  We are following normal cleaning procedures in the sanctuary.”

Forward Virginia Guidelines for phase 2


  • Occupancy shall be limited to no more than 50% of the lowest occupancy load on the certificate of occupancy of the room or facility in which the religious services are conducted.

    The Certificate of Occupancy for Restoration’s sanctuary = 384 total people. Restoration’s sanctuary can accommodate 192 people at 50% of sanctuary occupancy load.  But social distancing of 6 feet will probably cut that number in half, closer to 100 people.
  • Individuals attending religious services must be seated at least six feet apart at all times and must practice physical distancing at all times. Family members*, as defined in Executive Order 61, Order of Public Health Emergency Three, may be seated together.  *Family members include blood relations, adopted, step, and foster relations, as well as all individuals residing in the same household.  Mark seating in six-foot increments.
  • Individuals attending religious services are required to wear face coverings over their nose and mouth at all times (See CDC Use of Cloth Face Coverings guidance for more detailed information.).
  • No items must be passed to or between attendees who are not family members as defined in EO 61, Order of Public Health Emergency Three. 
  • Any items used to distribute food or beverages must be disposable and used only once and discarded.
  • A thorough cleaning and disinfection of frequently contacted surfaces must be conducted prior to and following any religious services.
  • Post signage at the entrance that states that no one with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, or known exposure to a COVID-19 case in the prior 14 days, is permitted in the establishment.
  • Post signage to provide public health reminders regarding social distancing, gatherings, options for high risk individuals, and staying home if sick (samples at the bottom of this document). 
  • If any place of worship cannot adhere to the above requirements, it must not conduct in-person services.  Other suggested guidance for faith communities and funeral directors can be found below. 


  • Designate a health coordinator and/or health equity team who will be responsible for COVID-19 planning and preparation for your place of worship.
  • Conduct thorough cleaning before and between services.
  • Use separate doors to enter and exit the establishment when possible. 
  • Allow interior doors to remain open to limit touching of door handles.
  • Provide sanitizing stations throughout the building, particularly at entry and exit points. 
  • Consider installing touchless door entry systems or providing single-use barriers (i.e., paper towels) for use in touching door and sink handles in bathroom facilities. 
  • Use messaging boards or digital messaging and social media for announcements to eliminate use of bulletins and handouts.
  • Members are safer at home.  Continue to provide and encourage use of online streaming and drive-in options for people who can utilize these options. No place of worship should feel obligated to return to in-person worship before they are ready to do so.
  • Consider holding multiple services, with time for thorough cleaning in between each service, to allow for greater distancing during services.
  • Suspend the choir as part of services.
  • Consider shorter services to avoid the need for people to use bathroom facilities.
  • Consider limiting or suspending youth services until a safer time.
  • Consider holding small group or separate services for senior citizens and other high-risk populations
  • Consider making this the first service of the week, after thorough cleaning and disinfection of facilities have been performed. 
  • Ensure the use of face coverings and physical distancing is maintained between individuals at this service.
  • Ensure social distancing in parking lots or common areas.
  • Consider discontinuing use of common items (e.g., microphones, books, hymnals, scriptural texts) that may be shared between people and are difficult to clean. Consider assigning religious books to a family or individual that they can bring to each service, or use a projector for the display of sacred texts, scriptures, and songs.
  • When oils, water, ashes, or other materials are applied to a person’s forehead, self-application should be used, to the extent possible. 
  • Discontinue shared meals and other activities where people may gather in groups (e.g., limit or suspend coffee stations, shared food, meet and greet time before and after services etc.), with the exception of essential food services for low-income residents.

A Quick Video for Easter


A Quick Video for Easter

Hey Restoration,

As we finalize our preparations for remote Easter, our staff would like to invite your participation.  Would you create a quick video (20-30 seconds) that answers this question:  ‘Why is the resurrection important to me?’  Our staff are going to stitch these video snippets together into a corporate montage that will be a part of our Easter celebration on Sunday.

We will dearly miss being present with each other on Easter day in our sanctuary.  We will see each other on Zoom and this video will be one more way for us to see and hear from each other.

Here’s what you do:
1.  How do I make the recording?  Use your phone, tablet, or computer to make the video.  Try to limit to 30 seconds or less.  Hit record, look right into the camera, and let ‘er rip.
2.  Can others be in my video?  Of course!  Have a friend stand 6 feet away.  Snuggle up to a family member.  Put your dog in your lap.  Show us your favorite coffee mug.  You are the director!
3.  Now what am I supposed to say, again?  Describe what the resurrection means to you?  How does Jesus rising from the dead give you hope?  Why is Easter important to you?  Christ is risen!  Alleluia!
4.  Ok, I have the video.  Now what?  Click here.  Choose the button that says ‘Select Photos’.  Choose your video.  You are all done!

We will take it from there.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to myself or Isaiah Brooms and we can walk you through it.  This is totally OPTIONAL.  If it sounds fun- yay!  If it sounds like a chore, delete this quickly and enjoy the video on Sunday!

Grateful for your stories.  Grateful for the resurrection.

Remote After Service Prayer


Interested in receiving After Service Prayer after our Morning Prayer service on Sundays?

After Service Prayer begins right after the conclusion of the Morning Prayer service on Sunday (note: After Service Prayer is only offered after Morning Prayer on Sunday at this time). Look for a link to the After Service Prayer Zoom call at the end of the service in the chat bar on your Zoom screen, or join via this link.

Here is how to log into the meeting:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 635 469 359

Password: 400063

One tap mobile

+16465588656,,635469359# US

Thinking Wisely About the Election


Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 1.18.16 PM

How do we engage wisely with the upcoming election?

On Tuesday, February 18, you are invited to attend a special conversation called “Thinking Wisely About the Election” at Restoration.

Many difficult conversations about big issues are taking place in our country, and they will only become more heated as the 2020 election gets closer.  Restoration Anglican Church, in partnership with Navigators 20’s-30’s, wants to provide an opportunity for our community to begin talking about how followers of Jesus should approach the upcoming election.

We will have four folks who have worked in some of the highest levels of government and politics for both Democrats and Republicans, and best of all they all worship at Restoration!

The conversation will take place in our sanctuary from 7-9pm. We’ll have light snacks and refreshments, but no childcare. Please park in the lot at 15th and Quincy.

Michael Wear, author of Reclaiming Hope, will offer opening remarks. Then Nicole Bibbins Sedaca will moderate a panel discussion with Michael, Adam Kincaid, and Kate Harris.  During the panel, there will be opportunities to ask questions from the audience.

The evening will focus on how to engage the political process wisely, as followers of Jesus and citizens of our country. These things matter and deserve our most careful deliberation.

I hope you will RSVP and join us on Feb 18 at 7pm!


At Restoration, we use the Washington-Liberty Parking Lot that is located at N. Quincy and N. 15th Streets over I-66.  We provide a shuttle that runs from that lot to our building or you can make the 7 minute journey by foot.  If you would like more information about parking at Restoration, click here. 

2nd Sunday Supper at Rocklands – Sun, Sept. 8 @ 6:30 PM


This coming Sunday PM, September 8, there is a group of us who will be going to Rocklands BBQ (3471 Washington Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201) after the 5 PM service. We will connect around 6:30 PM at Rocklands for an informal time of food and fellowship. Look for us up on the 2nd floor of the restaurant!

We would love to have you join us!


Contact Nathan Dickerson at

September 8th at Restoration


As Summer gives way to Autumn

You’ve probably noticed that things become much quieter around here in the summertime.  People — our staff, members, volunteers — are in and out constantly, bouncing between vacations, family reunions, personal retreats…or, maybe all of the above!

On September 8th, our fall season begins and you’ll notice the activity increases around here like bubbles in a cool glass of seltzer.  We don’t want you to miss anything.  So here is what’s coming back after a brief summer hiatus:


APEX: Isaiah Brooms, our Director of Youth Ministries, has an awesome fall program planned and is looking forward to seeing your middle and high schoolers there on September 8th!  This year, high school and middle school APEX is going to happen at the same time — Sunday nights from 6:30 to 8:30. This will make it easier on parents with kids in both groups and our facility will be bubbling with energy on Sunday nights!  Your kids can’t wait.  Maybe you want to serve as an APEX volunteer?  Sunday nights will be a blast at Resto.  Email Isaiah with any questions.

Kids’ Small Groups

Kid’s small groups will also begin a new year on September 8th at the 9 and 11.  Louise has been hard at work preparing and would love for your child to join a group.  Register your child today!  Even if you have registered your child in a prior year, we ask that you would fill out a fresh form for this coming year (just like you will do for each kid on their first day of school!).  You can always shoot Louise an email with any questions you may have.

The 5pm

It’s back!!  The 5 PM service will return on September 8th.  We are grateful for the space and margin that not having the 5pm created for our staff and volunteers this summer.  Rest and elasticity returned to their souls.  Thank you!  But we are so excited to be back together with our beloved 5pm community.  If you are planning to be mostly at the 5pm this fall, would you let us know?   Have you never been to the 5?  Would you consider trying it for a couple months?  It takes some repetition to see if something new is a good fit.  And it takes a critical mass of people for a community to feel like home.  We would love for 50 households who normally attend the 9 or 11 to alternatively commit to the 5pm for this fall.  “Giving up your seat” at the 9 or 11 creates room for new folks to visit our church.  “Taking a seat” at the 5 brings your friendship, worship, and presence to a beautiful community that loves ending their week-end with the evening hues lighting the Lord’s table. Let us know if you are one of those households that will worship in Autumn at 5.

(Bonus-  if your kid is headed to APEX on Sunday nights, the 5pm is a great way to worship together before they head off to their Youth Small Groups.)

Second Sunday Suppers

That’s right.  You like to eat.  We like to eat.  Let’s eat after the 5pm on Sept 8.  We’ll keep going out on the Second Sunday of every month, after the 5 PM.  Everyone is invited!  Even if you went to the 9 or the 11!  How convenient if your kids are in APEX!  We want you there! Contact Beth for details.

Autumn begins…

We couldn’t be more excited for the fall:  Vision Night (9/10).  Baptisms (9/22).  New to Restoration Dinner (10/1).  Fall Retreat (10/12-13).  It’s all waiting for you…

We’re going to hit the ground running and we hope to see you right alongside us.


Book of Common Prayer Workshop


On Tuesday, August 13, at 7PM in the Restoration sanctuary, Scott Buckhout will be hosting a workshop on the new Book of Common Prayer (i.e. that new red book in the pews).

If you have been to Restoration on a Sunday, you know we are a church that uses a set liturgy in worship. For Anglicans, the liturgy of the church comes from the Book of Common Prayer, which was first compiled and created by Thomas Cranmer in 1549.

Cranmer tried to put all prayers, psalms, liturgy that a church would need in one book in a common language so that everyone would be able to worship together both in private devotions through the week and in Sunday worship services. Many of you are familiar with this topic and have been using the “Praying Through the Year” booklet that Restoration created in 2017.

On Tuesday, we will give an overview of the new Book of Common Prayer: what’s in it and how to use it. We’ll close our time together by praying through the Evening Prayer service in the Daily Office.

Our hope is that during our short time together on Tuesday, you will see how helpful and beautiful the Book of Common Prayer can be, and you’ll be eager to buy your own copy and use it in your own prayer life. Email Scott with any questions.

We hope to see you on Tuesday at 7pm!

Fall Retreat 2019!


Come Bless the Lord!

This fall Restoration will celebrate 10 years of life together! Can you believe it? And what better way to celebrate than by coming on the Restoration Fall Retreat!

Our theme this year is “Come Bless the Lord as we reflect on all He has done for us over the last decade. We will gather together at Massanetta Springs Camp & Conference Center near beautiful Harrisonburg, October 12-13, for worship, teaching and play. Our guest speaker (and former Resto member) Kristen Terry will lead us through the Psalms of Ascent as we reflect together upon the Lord’s faithfulness and provision.

We’ll enjoy meals together, frisbee, soccer, boat making, an art project, and maybe an afternoon nap (should that be of interest or necessity), and the sheer gift of time away. Saturday night we will hold the first ever Restoration LipSync contest followed by s’mores around the bonfire.

You’re looking for the sign-up link already aren’t you? 🙂

The retreat fills up every year, so SIGN-UP soon to secure your spot!

Want to enter the LipSync contest?

  • To enter the Restoration Saturday Night LipSync contest, select your song, fellow singers, costumes and fill out your entry form here. Friends, families, small groups, and soloists all welcome!

Wondering about your kids?

  • Our kids (nursery-5th grade) will be in their kids’ small groups during the adult sessions. APEX (grades 6-12) will also be meeting during the adult sessions.

Need financial aid?

  • Financial aid to cover all or a portion of the expenses is available upon request. Please contact a staff member for further details.
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