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  1. Erica C.
    May 18, 2010 @ 11:43 am

    As we’re being pushed on all sides to either ignore sin or fight it on our own, it’s harder to hold to the balance of truth. With responsibility and consequences on the one hand balanced by grace and freedom on the other. Thank you for holding to the true things, reminding us that 1) it is easier to walk that grace-filled, Spirit-directed, straight and narrow way with others 2) and that there is work involved.

    Keeping that balance is work and is only possible with an accountable life as evidenced by my appearance at Planet Fitness this morning. I got up, way earlier than I normally do, to work out; and the only reason I made it to the gym was a date with my housemate Sarah. Having a workout buddy makes early gym trips possible.

    This faith walk is possible when we are together: honest together about the struggles and together committed to the prize. We can’t get holy without the Spirit and we can’t get heaven without the cross of Christ.

    Growing in discipline has great rewards, and that’s exactly why I am most disappointed with my own meager investments to foster discipline. When faced with the grim results from my own efforts to grow, I find great hope in Phil 1:6, my go-to sanctification verse. Taking stock of frustrations at the miry mess can(and does) lead to wallowing, but we aren’t pigs! And we’re certainly not alone–nor ultimately responsible–in the process. Christ is committed to his people. He will carry out that good work He began in us and carry it on to completion. Thank goodness.


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