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  1. Cindy
    August 30, 2011 @ 5:41 pm

    Interesting thoughts to ponder in light of my recent experience at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. There was definitely a theme of taking action in the teaching this time around. I think what I’m wrestling with is finding the balance between stepping out in faith vs. waiting for a play by play from God. I’m not sure about the rest of you but I don’t often feel like I get the play by play.

    For example, a dear friend of mine is contemplating a job transition. It’s clear that God is closing the door on her current job but it’s not clear what”s next. As she’s been pondering this, she’s realized she may want to change careers and go in to some form of healthcare. So, she registered for an Anatomy & Physiology class and is taking a step in that direction to see where it could lead. Is that rushing Him or helping Him? I don’t know but it certainly seems like a good choice in the midst of a situation that’s not yet clear from Him.

    It feels a little more cut and dry in the case of Abraham & Sarah or in one of the talks from the Leadership Summit on 2 Kings 3 (particularly v.16-20). In both circumstances God gave clear directions or a clear vision. For the recipients, it was a matter of faith to act (or not act) in accordance with those directions.

    When the vision isn’t quite as clear is where it gets a little fuzzier for me. I too have been contemplating a jobchange. I get the feeling God may be brewing something in that area but it isn’t clear. Do I sit and wait until it’s clear (potentially fall in to “analysis paralysis”) or do I try some things that seem like they’re in line with what seems to be the direction?

    Interested in others’ thoughts on this one…


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