Work in the garden of God

 Image: Blue City by James B. Janknegt

Image: Blue City by James B. Janknegt

On Sunday, we talked about rest and work.  Because we are made in the image of God, both of these are gifts from our Maker to us.  On the 7th day, God finished his work.  God rested.  God set the day a part as holy.

 Do you have a ‘finish plan’ for each day?  What is your routine for stopping work?  Some people go to the gym.  Some people put their phone in a place they can’t see it.  Some people go for a walk and take a few minutes to thank God for all that He did.  Each of us should finish each day.  What’s your routine?

We also talked about work.  I quoted from four different books and several people asked me about them.  Here are the titles:


Books on vocation


Work is creating order out of chaos.   Tim Keller defines work as:  ‘rearranging the raw material of a particular domain for the flourishing of everyone.’  And Dorothy Sayers, writing around the time of World War II, captured this sentiment:  ‘Work is the gracious expression of creative energy in the service of others.’  

May God give you the gift of meaningful labor and good work.


Bill Fey

We have been praying for a few months for Bill Fey, the husband of Restoration member, Desiree.  As we were talking about rest and work on Sunday night, Bill entered in to his final rest and passed away.  We will have a funeral for him on Thursday at 11am in the chapel at Little Falls Presbyterian Church.  Please pray for Desiree, Jenny, and Michael as they give thanks for Bill’s life and mourn the loss of his daily companionship.  Death is always a challenging reminder that this life is temporary and we were made for something more.  I am grateful for the way Restoration has consistently prayed for Bill and his family.