Not yet…


Guess what?  Our building is not quite ready for us to use.

At our parish meeting in June, I suggested that our last service at Little Falls might be on July 13 and our first service on Quincy Street would be July 20.  Almost immediately after I said that, the project was delayed and that timetable was abandoned.

So here is what we know for sure on July 20:

Today (July 20) we will say thank you to Rev. Matt Merrill and everyone at Little Falls Presbyterian Church for their tremendous hospitality over the last 17 months.  I hope you can be at our worship service at Little Falls at 5pm to offer your gratitude.

On July 23-24, the Restoration office ‘stuff’ will be moved in boxes from our temporary office site to the mezzanine of the new building.  None of it will be unpacked because we don’t have an occupancy permit, yet.  Our staff will be working out of homes and coffee shops for a few weeks during this transition period.  You will be able to reach them by email and mobile phone.  Most of you won’t even realize a difference because your staff are incredibly flexible!

On July 27, we will say thank you and good-bye to Rev. Erin Bair who is leaving our staff team at the end of this month.  She will be preaching and that’s always good.  We will also say congratulations and Godspeed to our high school seniors who are leaving for college this fall.  I hope you can join us at Little Falls Presbyterian at 5:00pm to give thanks to God for Erin’s ministry at Restoration.

Then August…

August has five Sundays.  There is a good chance that on one of those Sundays, we will have our first worship service on Quincy Street.  But we have no idea which one right now.  We will continue to meet at Little Falls Presbyterian at 5:00pm during August.

On September 7, we are still planning to celebrate our Grand Opening with services at 9:00, 11:00, and 5:00 on Quincy Street.  Our construction team believes this has a high probability of happening, but no one can give a definite yes until we have our certificate of occupancy.  I invite you to pray everyday for the completion of work and that permission to be granted us.

I promise to update you right here as our ‘Quincy Start Date’ becomes clearer.  For now, we are the grateful guests of Little Falls Presbyterian Church at 5:00pm through the month of August.  Thanks be to God that we have such good friends and gracious hosts.