1. Kate Mason (Ramsey Wilsoon's Mom)
    September 26, 2014 @ 2:11 pm

    Dear David,
    I have been so blessed to have been receiving Restoration news. It’s thrilling to see the mighty way God has blessed you all with strong faith, unbelievable growth and miraculous ministry. God is Good.

    The consecration prayers are so inspiring and uplifting. I’m going to share them with our Prayer Team. We are planning a time of prayer for our building and facilities.
    No, it’s not new like yours, but, over 100 years old. We rest somewhere in between Falls Church and Restoration age-wise.

    As many churches these days, we are aging and dwindling in size. Kemp United Methodist Church is being challenged to examine our own personal faith and the ministries to which God is calling us. We live in a small rural town in middle Indiana and are now seriously reaching out to our neighbors to meet their needs, physical and spiritual.

    Please, pray for all those churches which mirror ours and the struggles of small fellowships. I’m always sharing the wonderful news about your people and the journey you are on.

    Thank you,
    Tom and Kate Mason
    Tipton, Indiana


  2. Mrs. Herbert L. Aman 111
    September 26, 2014 @ 11:58 pm

    Congratulations on your perserverance in being a seedling of The Falls Church and growing so well that you now have a shining example of what God does when his people are faithful to His teachings.
    We hope to visit when we are next in Arlington.


  3. Weber Ivy
    September 27, 2014 @ 11:15 am

    Kudos to Matt Hoppe for the constellation of images he created in connection with the individual blessings our congregation prayed over the strategic sacred spaces in our new building. I especially like the interaction of the monochromatic images (of the sanctuary and the cruciform tiles on the floor of our new fellowship hall), with the primary-color images in our new Sunday-school spaces for Restoration’s children, for example. They’re lovely images–you should create posters of them and display them periodically, especially, for instance, for the anniversary of our church’s dedication next year, or for your next church-wide ministry fair–they would be perfect for that. Good job, Matt–I’m sorry I missed our dedication service last weekend–I really hated to miss it, but I was previously committed to being a piano accompanist at a Senior Adults’ retreat out of town that weekend, which was sponsored by my old friends at McLean Bible Church. But I am very happy to see us embracing a new season of challenges in our new church home, and I’m very much looking forward to continuing my own personal pilgrimage in our new sacred spaces. Thanks be to God! — Weber


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