Clean Water for Advent


Looking for a way to give this Advent? The Anglican Relief and Development Fund (ARDF) is working to provide clean water to rural communities in Burundi and you can get alongside them.

What is the Anglican Relief and Development Fund?

Anglican Church and School, Diocese of Ho, Ghana

Anglican Church and School, Diocese of Ho, Ghana

ARDF partners with the global church to meet the needs of the poor. The local church both proposes and takes responsibility for projects, and we support the church with due diligence and funding the projects. The local church knows the needs in the community and builds relationships in the community while meeting practical needs.

Current Project: Living Water            This Advent, ARDF  is offering us the opportunity to help provide clean water to communities in Burundi in Central Africa. This project provides sanitation structures around existing springs, the only source of clean water in the communities. Could we sponsor one of the forty-two wells in the project? During the Advent Season, we aim to raise $1300, the cost of one site. This is a great opportunity for people at Restoration to partner with the local church in Burundi to meet a practical need as a tangible expression of God’s love.

Those of you who have been on Restoration’s West Virginia trip know that Jeff Sickler, who leads Appalachian Community Care, emphasizes connecting with people over executing a building project. Likewise, ARDF realizes that more important than a development project are relationships within the church and its role in the local community.

Let’s give together this Advent.  Come for dinner on Tuesday, November 18th at 7:30pm  and learn more: 6219 18th Rd N, Arlington, VA 22205. Contact John Westbrook at with questions.