Christmas Eve at Restoration

Christmas Eve Invite

We are so excited about Christmas Eve at Restoration!  Here is all the information you need to know:

Will the services at 4:00 and 6:00pm be the same?  Identical.  Same readings.  Same preacher.  Same progression of carols.  Only the congregation will be different…

Will there be candles?  Yep.  A whole truckload of them.   Candles on the Advent Wreath.  Candles in the windows.  We will sing Silent Night while holding candles.  Christmas Eve=Candles=Beauty=Joy.

Will there be childcare?  Yes, if you are the age of 2 or younger.  We will have fully-staffed nurseries at both services.  Kids from pre-k on up are welcome to participate in the worship service in the sanctuary.  There are worship bags if kids get a little wiggly, but there is enough singing and candles and pictures and stories that they stay pretty engaged.

What should the kids wear?  Come dressed as your favorite character from the Christmas story.  We usually have a whole gaggle of shepherds, sheep, stars, angels, wisemen, and beautiful Mary(s).  An old robe does the trick.  We have also had Buzz Lightyear make a cameo in the nativity.

What should the adults wear?  Well if you aren’t going to come as ‘Joseph’, just come come as you are.  There will be people in their holiday best, people who love a nice pair of jeans, and everything in between.

Will there be presents?  Of course!  All of the children will receive an ornament for their tree at home–  a reminder that God loves them.

Will there be an opportunity to give?  Yes!  Every year we give all of our Christmas Eve offering away to a ministry outside of Restoration.  In 2014, all of our financial gifts will go to Casa Chirilagua, which is a community of people “learning together to love their neighbors as themselves” in a Latino neighborhood in Alexandria, Virginia.  We have partnered with Casa Chirilagua for a number of years and we are proud of the good, incarnational work that they are doing on the border between Arlington and Alexandria.

Can I give anything else?  Definitely.  We also bring unwrapped baby gifts for Doorways for Women and Families.  The children will have an opportunity to bring them forward during the offering collection.  If you are wondering what to bring, email Louise.

How long will the service last?  About 75 minutes.  We sing 5 or 6 carols, with parts of the Christmas story read in between, then we close with The Holy Eucharist.   

Where do I park?  We will have our normal shuttle running from our normal parking lot that is located at the corner of 15th and Quincy Streets.  Please do not park on Quincy or any of the side streets.  You can read all about parking, here.

Anything else I should know?  We love Christmas Eve and the chance to meet lots of neighbors, family members, and folks who don’t normally come to Restoration.  We offer you a warm welcome on December 24 and all of the Sundays that follow.  We are grateful to be a part of the Arlington Community, and we pray for it every day.