Parking at Restoration

On Sundays at Restoration, parking is provided in the lot over I-66 that is located at the corner of Quincy and 15th Street.  Restoration provides a shuttle from the lot to the front door of our church from 8:15am until 1:15pm and then again from 4:15-7:15pm (when we have a 5pm service).  Alternatively, lots of people choose to take the 6 minute walk down Quincy Street from the lot to the church building.  On a beautiful day, it’s a great way to prepare for worship.  Whether you are riding or walking, please allow an additional 15 minutes in your travel time from residence to pew.

If you are visiting for the first time or have need to park closer to the church, we have 13 spaces that are located on the south side of our building at 1815 N. Quincy Street.  Please feel very welcome to use these spots if they would make it easier for you to attend.

As a congregation, we are committed to NOT using any of the available street parking that is around the church.  We recognize that there are often spaces that are open on Quincy or a side street and that they are closer than our shuttle lot.  But as a way to serve our neighbors, we are committed to not using those parking spots.  Please help us to make life easier on Sundays for our neighbors by only parking in our 13 on-site spaces or in the shuttle parking lot over I-66.

If you have questions or concerns about parking, feel free to reach out.  We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.