R you in one?



R you in one?…  as we start Tri1, 2015 it’s time to ask the question again…

But perhaps you’re thinking – Why?

Well…  it’s because we think small groups are the heart of Restoration. It’s where we connect with God and each other and the Word in a safe and gently accountable way!

If you’re new around here, it’s a great way to meet people in a contained, finite group. Each trimester only lasts around 10 weeks, and we sign up every trimester so you can always pick a different group next time. Some people stick in the same group for a number of trimesters for continuity, some switch it up every trimester so they get to meet new people. Your choice!

We ask members to commit to being in a small group every trimester (as far as possible) as it’s where we develop community and friendships; where we grow the next generation of leaders; where we pray regularly for each other and our partners; where we read the Bible together and work out what it is saying to us individually and corporately.

So if you’re not in one yet – why not give it a shot? Sign up here, or email Liz if you have questions…liz@restorationarlington.org

Looking forward to hearing about your small group adventures of 2015!