SG #4 Desiree, Lisa and Dan (Allender)

Continuing our series of blogs about small groups options:  a few words from Desiree Fey leader of  SG #4:


When I recently went to the website to sign up for the Dan Allender Conference April 17-18 at Restoration, his book based around the content of the conference, To Be Told, God Invites You to Coauthor Your Future, caught my eye and fired my imagination.

I would love to coauthor my future with God!  And, I thought, how nice it would be to have a Small Group to do it with.  So, full of energy and in anticipation of his upcoming conference, I am happy to host and facilitate a Small Group focused on this book.

Order the book and come join me!   Sign up here for the small group and choose #4


Lisa Bush (our intrepid conference organiser) adds her 2c:

This small group offers the perfect way to fully delve into the subject matter and have the opportunity to bounce the ideas off of others as well in preparation for our larger community to host Dan.

Just a little teaser from the book: “God is the Potter, and we are the clay. Even the word human — derived from the Latin word humus, meaning “dirt” — shouts loudly about our origin. We are dirt. The name Adam (Hebrew ‘adama) means “red,” the color of clay. God shaped, molded, and formed us to reveal something about himself. He is a Being who loves to reveal and who invites us to join the process of revelation by calling to ask, seek and knock. God always intended for his children to join him in completing creation. We are no inanimate entities that merely reveal glory but living stories that are meant to create glory.”

I want my life to be a living, breathing story meant to give glory to my Creator.  So, full of energy and in anticipation of his upcoming conference, I am happy to promote a Small Group focused on this book.  I urge you to not only sign up for the Small Group but for the conference as soon as possible.  After this weekend, invitations to the conference in April will be extended to churches outside of Restoration and the ever dwindling number of spots we have left will become fewer and fewer.  We would love for Dan to speak to a group that is largely represented by our church so that we can continue the dialogue as a congregation about how to make our individual and collective stories ones that are inspired and fueled by God!  We expect to sell out, so please don’t put off signing up for it.  We want you there!

Sign up here for the small group AND sign up here for the conference.