Parish Meeting Report

Parish Meeting

On June 2, we had a wonderful parish meeting–  complete with pizza and drinks.  If you were not able to attend, you can view the slide deck here.  (This is a link to CCB, our on-line database.  It requires a username and password.  You will find the deck under files in ‘Entire Church Group’.)

Here are the highlights…

  • We will not have a 5pm worship service from June 28-Sept 6.  This is a chance for us to deliberately insert some margin in to our life together.  It creates space for our staff and our volunteers to slow down for a few weeks.  On Sept 13 we will come roaring back with Kids’ Small Groups and 3 worship services every Sunday.
  • Hannah Royal gave a spotlight report on outreach in the past year that revealed how we strategically gave the 10% of our annual income to our partners and the needs of the world.  The Parish Meeting Slide Deck in CCB has all of the info.
  • David gave some updates on work that is being done by our staff.  We are excited about…
  1. the immigration aid center
  2. the incredible service of our Kids’ Small Group leaders (Regan, Mike, Jen, Scott, Andrea, Christine, Natasha, Leigh, Timon, Becky, Rachel, Patricia, Grace, Nan, Megan, Isaiah, Heather, Patty, Susie, Robert, Carra, Whitney, Phyllis, Oyin, Simon, Jerry, Morgan, Erin, Eric, Sara, Ryan, Nate, Liz, Edna, Stef, and Nathalie)
  3. The incredible success of Women Unscripted.
  4. Our faithful liturgical volunteers and vergers who are present every week.
  5. The beautiful and creative work of RestoArts to help us engage with Lent, Easter, and Pentecost.
  • Chris Belen and Christine Jones gave an update on the plans for David’s sabbatical in 2016.
  • We announced the hire of Rev. Nathan Dickerson as our new Associate Rector for Small Groups and Church Planting.
  • Ramsey Wilson provided an update our parish finances.  All the details are in the Parish Meeting Slide Deck.  In addition we made one more clarifying request that all capital campaign contributions be completed by July 31, 2015.
  • Carolyn concluded our evening by reminding us of the good work that has happened in the past year on our strategic plan—  we have grown to 550 people in attendance at our services each week on Quincy Street, Jesse Blaine is now a postulant for ordination and moving forward in his calling to plant a church in Cambodia, and the hire of Nathan Dickerson gives us a critical staff addition who will help us focus on small groups and church planting around Arlington.

Let us rejoice and give thanks.  God has been abundantly generous.  You, His people, have been faithful.