Save the date: Jesse’s getting ordained!


The Ven. Tak Meng, Dean of Cambodia, Revd Stephen Seah, Adelai, Sarah, Clara and Jesse Blaine,  Bishop Rennis Ponniah and Gregory Whittaker, Rector of Church of Christ our Peace

Save the date!

When? 7.30pm THURSDAY Oct 22, 2015

Why? Jesse Blaine’s Ordination to the Transitional Diaconate

Where? Restoration Anglican Church

After party? Sure… come along and we’ll tell you where!

So who is Jesse Blaine?IMG_2772

Jesse and Sarah Blaine have been members of Restoration since the beginning of time… well, at least as long as Restoration has been around … and they are now living and working in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with their two delightful daughters. Read all about them here!

Whilst working for World Orphans and Children in Families in Phnom Penh, Jesse has also been very involved with Church of Christ our Peace, studying for his M.A., and putting in time as a father of two,  and husband to Sarah,  and a friend to many AND simultaneously pursuing a call to ordination which has involved a long and sometimes arduous process (see below) – but to a very good end!

At last (phew!)  the has arrived at the day when he will be ordained: initially to the transitional diaconate, and then, we hope, pray and trust, in ~6-12 months, to the presbytery (i.e. to become a Priest).

So come on by on the 22nd – and pray for this good man to walk into all the ministry opportunities that God has in store.

Come and pray for him to make many friends among the Khmer people.

Come and pray for him and his family, as they dream about planting a church in an area of Phnom Penh near the universities.

And, if you sense you are hearing a call to ministry – come and join in the service of ordination and pray for guidance … and if you remain curious about the process… read on!

So how does the ordination process work at Restoration and in our Diocese?

It all begins when an applicant senses a call to ministry; they then have an initial conversation with Liz Gray (Associate Rector with oversight of all applicants), the Rector and Vestry must also approve, and then an application to the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic (DOMA) would follow.

Liz then works with the applicant to set up a discernment team of 5-7 people who will pray and question and help to work with the candidate over a period of months as to whether they really are hearing a call from God to go down the road to ordination. The path from here on is a rigorous one, and you can read the details here. Suffice to say, nobody is ordained lightly! Not only are we, as the candidate’s home parish, deeply involved, but so is DOMA – the ordination committee has a vital role to play, as does the standing committee – and the Bishop works hard to ensure that all are playing their part to ensure that only those who are truly called by God continue down the path.

The journey always involves study, normally an M Div, as well as studies in Anglicanism, much prayer and thoughtful reflection; as well as multiple check -ins at different points with both Liz and the DOMA examining chaplains and ordination committee.

At different points the aspirant becomes a candidate, then a postulant and finally a deacon (transitional or vocational), before the final hurdles are leapt and ordination to the presbytery (oh, wow, Anglican’s love words….)

At the moment we have three candidates in our church (one preparing for a discernment team,  two awaiting the ordination committee) and one postulant (Morgan Reed). They would all love you to pray for them.

Want to know more? Feel free to reach out to me, and if you would like to support our candidates in any way please let me know!