Parish Meeting on October 4 at 12:45pm

Parish Meeting


We do these 3 times a year.

And every time I struggle to find the right words to both capture what it is and to motivate you to attend.  I’m running uphill with this.  Look what I have to work with:

Parish:  It sounds so antiquated.

But it is what we are.  Formally:  “A geographical district with its own church and pastor.”  In the past there was one parish per area and everyone was a part of it.  The ‘everyone’ is still key for us.  This is a meeting for EVERYONE who calls Restoration home.  That’s you.  If you are reading this, you are invited, encouraged, even expected(!) to be there.

Meeting:  I know.  You’re asleep by the second ‘e’.

Really?  Another meeting?  If you are imagining a gavel, Robert’s rules of order, and people making motions, let me set your heart at ease.  This is a celebration.  It is an opportunity for us to rejoice in all that has happened in the last quarter and an opportunity to get excited for all that will happen in the months to come.

At Restoration, there are always changes:  new life, new ideas, new initiatives.  None of us knows about everything, so this is a deliberate chance to get all of us on the same page.  We report.  We tell stories.  We hold each other accountable.  We talk about critical numbers related to money and attendance.  We explain how stuff works.  We ask questions.  We offer answers.

Would you please come to the Restoration Everyone Celebration?

It’s this Sunday, October 4, at 12:45.  We will be done by 1:45.

Wondering what you will hear?

The story of our Immigration Legal Aid Center, an update on David’s sabbatical, how to nominate candidates and vote in the vestry election, what we’ve done so far with the strategic plan to mature 2000 disciples by 2019, and…

You can pick up a copy of our gorgeous Fy2015 Annual Report.

See you on Sunday for the Restoration Everyone Celebration.