#restoarts Lent Instagram Details

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Lent starts today!

Each week we’re inviting you to focus on a specific vice and a corresponding virtue rooted in the beatitudes.  Through Lent we will meditate on the beatitude that draws us away from the vice as Peter Kreeft masterfully explains in his book Back to Virtue.  Each day, look for things in the world that point you to these vices and virtues; and when you see it, snap a photo with Instagram and share it. Together we’ll build a visual record of all the places we see God at work in us and in the world around us.  That’s the discipline – a photo a day.

Want to participate?

  • In Instagram, follow @restoarts, and then @restoarts will follow you.
  • Each day, take a photo, tag it with #restoarts, and tag it with that week’s corresponding vice or virtue (example: #humility or #pride). Share it on Facebook too!

Not on social media?

  • Read Peter Kreeft’s book Back to Virtue and ask God what he wants to say to you through this book.
  • Follow along on our website. A selection of photos on the home page will take you to a full gallery of everyone’s pictures.

Each Sunday you will receive a card with the chapter to read and the vice and virtue to Instagram.  Looking forward to taking this journey with you!

– Matt