Beyond Glitter and Gluesticks

Beyond Glitter and Glue Sticks: Creating a Family Art Culture

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On Saturday, May 14, I’ll be holding a RestoArts workshop on “Creating a Family Art Culture,” and I’d love you to be there. Why? Because I believe we all need art in our lives to enrich our understanding of ourselves, the world, and God. This is as true of children as it is of adults, and in fact, we adults can often learn from children in this area. My workshop will be a time to explore why and how that is – through group discussion and hands-on exploration of various media.

That all sounds great, right? But what if…

“…I’m not crafty?”

Great! Neither am I. I don’t enjoy gluing cotton balls to paper plates or tracing my hands into turkey shapes. I don’t enjoy working with kids’ craft supplies that prevent mess and danger: dull scissors and unsticky glue sticks. These kinds of crafts definitely have their place, but it is not in my workshop. We will talk about making art that is authentic from start to finish – real materials, real processes, and meaningful end products. And we will talk about enjoying art that is real – tasting and seeing the best this world has to offer in visual art, writing, music, architecture, food, and more. Authentic, rich, real art in the real world in the context of real relationships.

“…I’m not creative?”

I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. You are made in the image of a creative God, and thus you are creative. Incredibly creative. You may not enjoy going to the National Gallery. You may loathe writing. You may have limited musical tastes. You may struggle to dress yourself in the morning or arrange throw pillows or read poetry or a million other small acts of creative expression. But you are creative. If you would like to explore this idea with God, using your head and your hands in a relaxed environment, I highly encourage you to come.

“…I don’t have kids?”

If you attend Restoration regularly, you have kids. Hundreds of them. Every time a child has been baptized, you have promised to do all in your power to support them in their life in Christ. Simply by showing up to church each week, you are a visual representation to Resto kids of their loving church family. You surround them with a broad network of support, protection, encouragement, service, and blessing. This workshop is for any adult in our church family, whether or not children live in your home.

“…I want a break from kids?”

This workshop is just for adults. We will speak frankly and deeply about the challenges that arise in exploring art with children, without worrying about little listening ears. And we will engage in art and discussion in ways that are designed to refresh and nourish us, something most caregivers desperately need. But if there is sufficient interest, I hope to continue the conversation in a future workshop that includes children as well.

If this sounds appealing to you, then please join us on May 14! Sign up here.

– Amy Rowe