RestoMen – Nov. 1, The Importance of Real Friendships


In a recent issue of Christianity Today, Wes Hill wrote a provocative article entitled, Why can’t men be friends?  In his article, Hill cites social science research, which shows that as most men grow older, they tend to have fewer and fewer deep male friendships. Even the friendships they do maintain tend to be not as close, or as intimate, as the ones they enjoyed in their earlier years.

He cites a recent conversation with a friend, who told him, “In college, there was a recognized script for finding friends. (But) now that I’m in my thirties, everyone seems to have their friend groups settled, and I don’t know the script anymore.”

Perhaps you know exactly what Hill is talking about, because he seems to be describing your own experience with male friendship. If you are honest with yourself, you recognize that there is often a big gap between your desire to have these types of friendships & your actual experience with friendship.

That’s why we want to host a conversation about “The Importance of Real Friendships” at our next RestoMen meeting on Tuesday, November 1. We invite you to join us that night as we look at what the wisdom of Proverbs has to say about this critically important issue.

We will begin at 7 PM with a light dinner (bring $5 to help cover the cost). Then at 7:30 PM, we will start to discuss these issues together. We look forward to seeing you there!