RestoMen Gathering – Tuesday PM, Nov. 6

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“The Challenge of Getting Real with Others”

In a recent issue of Christianity Today, author Stephen Mansfield reflects on a difficult season of his life when he found himself in the midst of a painful divorce. What he discovered in the midst of this challenging season of life is that while he had many acquaintances, and a broad social network” he also had very “few, close adult male friends”.

He also noted that as he looked around, he was hardly alone. He says, most other men are in the same boat. They have “no one who knows their secrets, no one they could call in the middle of the night if their family faced a crisis. And no one who would hold them accountable if their life went off the rails.” He concludes, “most men are awash in a sea of casual relationships.”

What Manfield pinpoints in this article is exactly what we want to start to address in our upcoming RestoMen Gathering on Tuesday PM, November 6. We are beginning our series on the challenges that men face today, and this month we are looking at the Challenge of Getting Real with Others.

We will begin @7:30 PM with supper together, followed by a time of discussion & conversation on this topic, and we will end promptly @ 9pm. We would love to see you there.