RestoMen – Feb. 7, 2017, “Using Our Speech Wisely”


“The moment”. We’ve all been there: “the moment” when you regretted the words coming out of your mouth almost exactly as soon as they left your lips. In “the moment,” your palms are sweaty, your mouth is drier than month-old bread, and you wish you could rewind to the moment right BEFORE you said the thing it will now take you months to correct. If we could see his face through the fur, even Chewbacca is blushing at your lack of care with your words.

Come out to RestoMen this Tuesday, February 7th as we continue our series on “Wisdom.” This month’s discussion will help us with “the moment” as we explore the topic of “Wisdom and Our Words: Using Our Speech Wisely.”

Dinner begins at 7 PM (please bring a suggested contribution of $5.00 for dinner); the program begins at 7:30 PM. We will have a speaker, small group discussion, and a panel interview exploring the intricacies of how to speak with wisdom…without becoming a wookie!

We look forward to seeing you there!