Summer 2017


Ready to dive in to Summer 2017?  It’s HERE!

And here is everything you need to know about summer life at Restoration:

Worship Schedule

During the month of July, our schedule of Sunday worship services will stay the same:  9, 11, and 5.  We hope this is a help to you and provides flexibility as you come and go.  There will be no Kids’ Small Groups or Nursery at the 5pm during July.

In addition, we will be offering a midweek eucharist service on Wednesdays until the end of July (not July 5). These services start at 12.15pm,  last around 35-40 minutes, include eucharist and a short homily from one of our postulants and provide a lovely opportunity  to refocus midweek.

During the month of August, we will only have worship services in the morning at 9 and 11.  There will not be a 5pm worship service during the month of August.

Restoration Kids during the summer

During the summer, we get the joy of having kids aged kindergarten and up in our entire worship service.  It’s a learning opportunity and  gives them the opportunity to see what happens ‘upstairs’.  The preachers remember that they are sitting in the pews and try to help them feel included in the sermon and liturgy.  For elementary-aged kids, worship bags – with a Bible and activities — are available downstairs and can be used during the service.  We love having our kids worshiping and learning alongside us.

We will have kids’ small groups for preschoolers all summer long at the 9am and 11am.  Preschool kids (and their parents) check in with their small group leaders downstairs before the service, then head upstairs to the Sanctuary. There will be an announcement when it’s time for preschool kids to be dismissed to their small groups. They’ll be back in time for Communion.

And as always, we have nursery care throughout the service for those who are not yet three by September 30, 2016. The nursery – loaded with trained staff and volunteers who love to play, sing, and read – is located downstairs.

AFAC Farmer’s Market Runs

For the past 7 years, Restoration has served the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) by being in charge of Sunday afternoon pick-ups at the Columbia Pike Farmers Market (corner of Walter Reed and Columbia Pike – by the Rite Aid), and bringing the produce back to AFAC to sort & bag (typically 12:15-3:30pm on Sundays – good to plan for 3.5 hours to be safe).

This is a great way to meet new people and to love your neighbor.  Kids are welcome to help as well.  They need to be accompanied by a parent.

If you would like to serve, please sign up here.  You will love it!

We Believe…

During July and August, the preachers will work through the Apostle’s Creed phrase by phrase.

If you think back to Easter, we have been carefully building a coherent invitation and understanding for what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

Between Easter and Pentecost, we tackled some of the hard questions that people ask as they explore God.  We honor those who are sincerely wrestling through what they have heard and seen about Christianity.

In June, we did a short series about the tension of living here but having our citizenship in heaven.  For those who want to follow Jesus, what will be the costs and expectations?

The clergy felt it would be helpful to follow up those 2 sermon series with an extended look at one of our Creeds.  If people get their questions answered and decide to follow Jesus and become citizens of heaven– what are the core foundations of what we believe?

I think this series will be enormously helpful for all of us–  from kids to adults.  I hope you will join us as often as you can–  and on the podcast when you can’t!

Summer is the best.  See you around.