Introduction to the Rooted series of Small Groups


  • What are the core beliefs of our faith? How do they shape the way we view the world?
  • How do we grow as Christians? How can we cultivate a genuine prayer life with God?
  • What comes after we put our trust in Jesus? How does our faith in Christ impact our relationships with others?

These are great questions that you might have asked yourself at some point in life, & we want to help you address them with confidence.

That is why we have created Rooted, which is a three-part series of Small Groups, that is intended to root you more deeply in the beliefs, practices, and implications of the Christian faith.

The content of Rooted is designed around the ancient model of “catechesis” (a Greek word meaning ‘instruction’). For many centuries, Christian pastors & teachers have nurtured their congregations by instructing them about 3 main things: The Apostles Creed, Lord’s Prayer, & the Ten Commandments.

So, over this coming year, we are joining in this same ancient pattern of time-tested instruction in the Christian life:

  • In the Fall, we will explore the Apostles Creed to discern what it teaches us about our core beliefs as Christians.
  • In the Winter, we will look at the Lord’s Prayer to learn how to cultivate a life of prayer.
  • In the Spring, we will examine the Ten Commandments as we discuss how to live out the Great Commandment to love the Lord our God, and our neighbors as ourselves.

Each of these Rooted small groups will last 9 weeks, & involve teaching, discussion, times of prayer, & outside readings.

Our first Rooted small group on the Apostles Creed will launch on Thursday PM, Sept. 20. We would love to have you join us! Here is the link to sign up (Small Group #21)

Interested in joining us? Have questions? Contact Nathan Dickerson at