Introducing Small Group #22 – Cultivating a Life of Prayer


As our Small Groups Sign-Up’s get started this winter, we wanted to tell you about a few of the options. Here are a few words from Stephanie Dickerson about the small group she is hosting this winter with her husband Nathan (Small Group #22)

A New Year and a New Opportunity: Cultivating a Life of Prayer

If you were to chart my life of prayer over the course of my relationship with God, it would look a lot like the volatility of the Stock Market.

There were seasons when I would either try doubling down on my efforts— only to find that prayer became another hoop to jump through or I simply could not find the time to fit prayer into my day.

And yet, I found myself longing to actually connect deeply with God in prayer and to experience what Jesus talked about when he said, “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.” (John 15:9).  Yes, this is in fact God’s desire for us—that we experience and remain in his love. Particularly in prayer!

If you find yourself somewhat stuck when it comes to your prayer life and long for more, consider joining us for Thursday nights at 7:30 PM for Small Group.

Using the Lord’s Prayer as our model, we learn how to enter the Father’s presence as the foundation of all prayer and how to put into practice a rhythm of prayer that is simple, doable, and sustainable. We’ll be learning a variety of prayer practices to use on our own and in a group.

Interested in joining this small group? Here is the link to sign up.