Resto2025 Congregation Survey


Restoration 2025

This is our 10th year as a church!  We have a big birthday to celebrate when we get to November.  One of the gifts that our leadership is giving to the church is a strategic plan that will guide us over the next five years.  We are grateful for all of the input our congregation has given so far and we look forward to many more fruitful conversations in the future.

From May 8 until midnight on May 19, we are hosting a survey for you to give your feedback about the things that Restoration is doing well, the ways that you are growing closer to Jesus, and the opportunities that we have to be more effective in the work God has given us to do as a church.  The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and I hope that all of you will choose to do it.  We thank you in advance for the investment of your time.

You can access the survey, here.

We have been working on this plan since September 2018.  Want to read an archive of our progress?  Click here and pray as you go.

Thanks for being a part of the first ten years of Restoration.  We are excited about what’s to come!