Telos Trip to Israel/Palestine


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Join Telos for a unique, immersive experience across the Holy Land. Walk not only in the footsteps of where Jesus walked 2000 years ago, but also where he would walk if here in the land today, as we explore the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the posture of peacemakers. 

On this tour, you will visit ancient holy sites, experience the vastly different realities of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities living in the midst of a conflict zone, and learn the deeper stories behind the opportunities and obstacles for peace. Leave equipped to practice peacemaking as a central form of your discipleship, and inspired as you hear from those doing the arduous but joyous work of justice, healing and reconciliation in the land of Israel/Palestine. For more details, including a detailed itinerary, pricing, and how to register, visit the landing page for this trip.

Resto’s own Assistant Rector Scott Buckhout will be on the trip, while Resto parishioners Todd Deatherage, Co-founder and Executive Director of Telos, and David Katibah, Director of Communications and Christian Engagement at Telos, will be facilitating the trip.

Register by February 20th to reserve a spot. 


  1. Julia Overton
    December 9, 2022 @ 7:08 pm

    Hi. Could you please let me know of the costs of the trip? Is the airfare included or May we arrange using our on points. I really have no interest in seeing the touristy kinds of places. This sounds like there are more in-depth conversations and thoughtful content. I am interested but just need to know a little more. Thanks!


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