The Incongruity of the Kingdom

A post from Liz Gray:

On Monday Simon and I were in Nicaragua. Many people use horses and carts to get around — and as we were strolling down a side street we came across such a vehicle, with its patient but weary looking pony and a brand new fridge loaded on the cart. The incongruity made me smile … but it also made me think about how many incongruities there are in our lives. We worship the carpenter Savior, the foot-washing King, the Creator turned shepherd.

Somehow God is constantly suggesting that we take a second look at things and see them ‘for real.’

  • So we live in a world where success is seen to be all, but we know that the meek will inherit the earth.
  • We see disasters and we know that God can heal and bring wholeness
  • We see sin and we know God can redeem and forgive
  • We see death and we know there is life

I want to see more of the upside-downness of God’s viewpoint. Where have you seen it recently?