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  1. Eugen Potorac
    August 10, 2012 @ 1:56 pm

    Hi my name is Eugen Potorac. I live in McLean Virginia. Last year my wife and I started a small non profit organization under our local church called ”Heart For Moldova” http://russianchurchdc.org/en/ministries/heart-for-moldova

    Born and raised in Chisinau, Moldova at the age of 24 immigrated to US I always had this passion to help my country with what I can. Thats why we started to work with orphan kids of this country because we are afraid that Moldova its loosing it’s new generation!
    We work with local local orphanages of Rezina, Soldanesti( Bro Vasile and Lucia and all the girls in the transition house!!) Papauti, Cornesti areas.
    Twice a year we go to Moldova, to run summer camps in July and to bring the joy of Christmas in December. We bring them all the needed supplies like ( t shirts, underwear, socks, scarfs, hats, shoes, tooth brushes and tooth paste, shampoo…..etc) and beside that we bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ that He is the ONLY hope for Moldova!!!! We also support 2 pastors that adopted 20 kids in total. Amazing work!!!!!!!

    I was very happy to find out that somebody cares about my country Moldova. That you have a call to bring love, joy, hope to lost people. Praise God!
    I would like to find out more about what exactly you do in Moldova and I will be more than happy to share what God did, does and Lord willing will continue to do in this beautiful country Moldova.

    Eugen Potorac
    Heart for Molodva
    Jer 33:3



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