Why Immigration Legal Aid?

So, maybe you have heard that Restoration is starting a Legal Aid Ministry this Spring.  Why legal aid when there are so many other issues out there?

We are choosing to serve in this way because God invites us, throughout Scripture, to love, show compassion and mercy, and to do justice. Why are there dozens of Scriptures in which God tells us to love and care for those who are far from their homes? We believe that the unique experience of the immigrant and the migrant moves God and He hears, sees and responds. God is inviting us to do the same – to hear, see and respond.

Addressing the legal and practical needs of immigrants is one way we can join God in these things. Our human experience is necessarily connected to that of immigrants. We are all longing for a home and have been ourselves welcomed by God into His house, the Kingdom of Heaven. We are choosing to join God in caring for those who are far from home, welcoming them into this country and inviting them into the Kingdom of Heaven.

There is also a present and real need for honest, inexpensive legal services in our area.  We are the Church, reflecting to the world who God is and what God is like.

And when we pour ourselves out for others, sourced by the living water that is poured into us, we bring the light and reality of God’s Kingdom into our own hearts and into the world.

And if you want to hear why other churches are serving the immigrant, check out this presentation at Willow Creek Community Church where Bill Hybels interviews author Matt Soerens on the issue of immigration from a biblical perspective.  Bill’s introduction (the first 10 minutes) is very helpful if you don’t have time for the entire 60 minutes presentation.

~Christine Jones on behalf of the RILA Team (Christine Jones, Natalie Foote, Jason Braun, Liz Gray, Erin Owen, Susie Wallin, Michelle Swearingen and more!)

And RILA has an email: ila@restorationarlington.org  feel free to get in touch!

Reading about Justice

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 3.39.52 PM

As we run, jump, shuffle, walk, tiptoe, hop, skip or leap  into this series on justice we are already starting to encounter some great big ideas; certainly I’ve realized there are quite a few ways I need to face up to my patterns of behavior and some perhaps pretty deeply-held previous convictions. Processing these things in small group is amazing (we had a wonderful discussion last night about Sabbath – I hear others did too), but sometimes it’s simply time to read….

We don’t have a library (yet!) at Restoration – but if you buy any of these why not lend them to others in your small group, order them through your library, read them in your book clubs or give them as birthday presents. Feel free to donate old copies to Restoration if you have them! Perhaps we can start a little lending book area?

So to start with some of the books David has been referencing include:

I haven’t read all of them yet… so I’m looking forward to working through the list.  When you’ve read all of  these – come back to us and we’ll suggest some more 🙂 or perhaps you’ve got suggestions of your own to add to the list? Please add comments below. Happy reading!

~ Liz

Dreaming about the summer….


Hello Restoration,

This summer will be Restoration’s 6th year of serving the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) with Sunday afternoon pick-ups at the Columbia Pike Farmers Market, and bringing the produce back to AFAC to sort & bag.

Thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of Diana & Andrew Intagliata and John Remein (our fearless AFAC van driver), we have signed up to help July 12-August 23 and are looking for Restoration volunteers to help lead the group on those Sunday’s.

I LOVE being part of a church community that serves and I know AFAC clients are very thankful for the fresh produce.

Would you be willing to please sign up to help lead one of the Sunday’s?
Don’t want to lead by yourself? Just let me know what Sunday’s you are available and I can pair folks up. I know some people are just trying to plan for tomorrow, let alone July/August. But for you planners out there, I’d love to start writing down when folks are available. You can either let me know, or visit the link. ​​

Many thanks,



SG #34 Bolivia… with Susie, Mitch and Endel


Did you know that the DC area has more Bolivians than any place in the world outside of Bolivia? Our small group (#34) hopes to bring together people with a heart for Latin America who are interested in exploring ways to minister to, build relationships with, and walk alongside Bolivians – both locally and in Bolivia.

Each Thursday night during Tri 1 2015, we will delve into the scriptures in conjunction with the sermon preached the Sunday before. In addition, we will devote time to praying and creating a vision about where God may be leading Restoration in the area of outreach to our Bolivian neighbors. Some exciting possibilities are a 2016 trip to Bolivia to work with the children’s ministry Niños con Valor (ninosconvalor.org) and La Trinidad Anglican church or maybe even a Hispanic church plant at Restoration.

We’d love to have you join us in this exploratory journey. For questions and info, contact Endel Liias at endel.liias@gmail.com.

¡Que Dios te bendiga!

~Susie Wallin, Mitch Wallin, Endel Liias

Sign up for a small group here; this one is #34

To be Told: April 17-18, 2015 at Restoration!

blad_dan_deck_close-295x300It was back in October 2008.  Our marriage was coming out of one of the rough spots you are pretty much guaranteed to hit if you are married for long enough.  We had heard about Dan Allender many times prior, but he happened to be visiting Vienna Presbyterian for his well known “To Be Told: Know Your Story, Shape Your Future” conference. We knew he was a gifted speaker, but until we heard him speak, we had no idea how powerful his words were.

Dan is a psychologist and author who has revolutionized the field of Christian counseling, especially as it pertains to trauma, abuse, and the effects of pain on our current relationships. He tackles very tough topics with honesty and humor, sharing vivid stories from his own life.
During that 2008 conference, Dan talked about allowing Jesus into our pain – about engaging it and allowing it to become part of the story your life tells. He challenged us to embrace all parts of our story so that we become free to live as God has designed. The conference helped us individually to begin to name our wounds and fears, our pain and joy, and to understand how they influence who we are as individuals today.  And it opened up a dialogue for healing in which we could discuss our pain in a constructive, honest way in the larger context of our marriage.  As we embark on this new chapter in our church life, in a new building, we have a special opportunity to soak up Dan’s wisdom and unique perspective about learning to love our stories, not only as individuals but as members of this congregation we have been called to love and serve.
Dan’s premise is that: “Each of us has story that needs to be told – whether it is a story of hope, love, and faith or a story of betrayal, powerlessness, and harm. But often, we are unable to face these stories. We know there are core experiences of pain from our past that unwittingly impact the story of the present and the story of our future. Many of these stories have remained unnamed and hidden in the shadows of our hearts, allowing them to wield unrecognized power and create structures of shame and contempt in our lives. These are the stories that keep us bound to unhealthy ways of relating to ourselves, to others, and to God.”“The good news is that brokenness is not the end of the story. If you have ever found yourself feeling stuck personally or relationally, wondering things like “why does this keep happening to me?”, “why am I like this?”, or “will I ever heal?”, join us at To Be Told. Learn how your personal story shapes your faith, your understanding of yourself, your interactions with others, and your engagement with everyday life. Begin to taste the true goodness of relationships, delight, and love that God desires for you today.”

We invite you to this amazing conference “To Be Told: Know Your Story, Shape Your Future”at Restoration Anglican Church on April17-18, 2015. The Friday session goes from 6:30-9pm, and the Saturday session is from 9am-4:30pm. The early bird fee is only $75.

Visit theallendercenter.org/conferences/to-be-told to register. Please note that Dan’s conferences fill up quickly, and we expect this to sell out in advance, so we highly encourage you to sign up now so you will not miss this amazing event.
Reade and Lisa Bush

Connecting with God, others and the needs of the world

6004069_origSo how do I connect with God, others and the needs of the world?

  • I go to church
  • I attend a small group

And..what – is there more?

Over the last five years at Restoration we have sought to listen very deliberately to God’s voice and to be careful about the choices we make about investing our time, money and talents as a community.   To that end we have

  • A group called the Outreach Steering Team which prays and deliberates over financial  proposals;
  • An open group called the Outreach Planning team who meets periodically to think about researching the area, action plans and timelines and helping people in our community  to connect;
  • Love Arlington a small group with a big heart, which seeks to provide an entry point for people at Restoration to find ways to serve the marginalized and talk to their friends and neighbors about Jesus;
  • We have gradually accumulated friends and partners in some diverse ministries around Arlington;
  • And we have ventured abroad, forging links in West Asia, Cambodia and Bolivia.

Want to meet all these people and partners and more?

Want to dream about where you might find a place in serving others?

Want to simply mingle after church and eat snacks?

Why not pop by the Fellowship Hall on Sunday 9/21 after any one of the services and find out more. Find out where God is at work – connecting us with himself, others and the needs of the world.

Questions? Ask Liz,  if she doesn’t know the answer, she will find it out! liz@restorationarlington.org

Imagine Restoration 2019

Imagine 2019


The leadership of Restoration has been working hard to listen to God and articulate to each other the direction and plans that our church should pursue over the next five years.  It has been a deeply satisfying process.  On Pentecost Sunday, June 8, we will present these plans to the congregation and invite us all to respond with renewed faithfulness and joyful expectation.  I hope you can be there.

In order to prepare your heart and mind, here is an invitation to dream, to pray, and to imagine what God might do through us in the next five years.



Restoration 2019:  2000 disciples

We believe that the most effective way to make disciples is to create and strengthen the local church. It is through the church that people who are far from God enter a reconciled relationship with their Father, through trust in his Son Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is through the church that men and women of all ages are able to “grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ” (Ephesians 4:15). It is through the church that we proclaim the Gospel, “warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone  mature in Christ” (Colossians 1:27).

This conviction about the effectiveness of the church compels us to focus our resources on maturing disciples at Restoration and planting churches that proclaim the Gospel and invite people to follow Jesus. During our first five years we focused on planting this one church.  Over the next five years, and dependent on God’s grace and power, Restoration’s goal is to see 2000 disciples of Jesus as a direct result of Restoration’s ministry.  We want to shepherd 1000 of these disciples in our facility on Quincy Street. The other 1000 will find their home in the five or more new churches that Restoration will launch. The next five years will be about maturing disciples at home and planting Gospel-proclaiming churches in our community and beyond.

Imagine. Imagine if Restoration had a clear core curriculum that helped move you deeper into your relationship with Jesus. Imagine a small group track that provided an overview of the Bible and the core convictions of the Apostles’ Creed. Imagine being nurtured in your life of prayer, moving beyond giving a list of requests to God and into a holy conversation. Imagine having access to parenting resources for every stage of your child’s life. Imagine a series of small groups that helped you think Biblically about your vocation, that provided responses to some of the tough questions you get at work, and connected you with other people who are in your field. Imagine having experiences that put you in close proximity with the poor, with kids who need mentoring, with people who have no idea that God loves them. Imagine being formed into a mature disciple through Restoration’s easily-accessed teaching and lived experiences that together help you follow Jesus with all of who you are. 

Imagine. Imagine if Restoration launched churches that exist to make their neighborhoods better places to live. Imagine if five more communities—in the DC area and beyond—had churches that were uniquely framed for their contexts and needs.  Imagine the new disciples that might follow after Jesus because a team of people planted the most effective disciple-making tool there is: the local church. Creating these churches would provide more and more opportunities for people to use their gifts and talents, and Restoration would intentionally develop hundreds of servant leaders.  Imagine the men, women, and children whose lives would be changed because Restoration deliberately, sacrificially, and generously aimed its resources at creating Gospel-proclaiming churches. 

Over the next five years, we will create many opportunities for these dreams to become reality. No two disciples are just alike, and no one path of discipleship and service is right for everyone. We want to provide many ways for people to engage with God and to be transformed for lives of worship and service. Our expectation is that everyone will choose something, and no one will choose everything. We can’t wait to help you choose a path to connect and grow.

Imagine if everyone at Restoration gave one more part of their life to Jesus’ leadership, found one more answer to a question that has been perplexing, spent a little more time with those who are most vulnerable, and rejoiced with great heartiness because of all the folks who found their way home to their loving, heavenly Father. Imagine what Restoration will be like in 2019. 

Want to find a way to connect and serve with Restoration people?


Why not join the fun and come and serve in one of these ways in the next couple of weeks?

a) OAR: Come and enjoy dinner and game night with Restoration community and OAR clients on Monday March 24th from 6:00 – 8:00 PM ET   at Boulevard Wood Grill. Please RSVP with Brent Jones at brentrichardjones@gmail.com . We want to love these folks and help enable their social skills as they transition back into our community.

b) AFAC: Next Tuesday, March 25th, is our turn to volunteer at AFAC.  We still need 7 more people to help.

c) Casa Chirilagua: is participating in Spring2ACTion, Alexandria’s annual online giving day on April 9th, organized by ACT for Alexandria. Casa has the chance to win $17,000 in grants and YOU can help! Austin is our CC representative and he would LOVE your help as we work to support this community. Austin Clemens   asclemens@gmail.com

d) Asia Minor: APRIL 5“A night at the crescent and star bazaar” Tickets $40. This is going to be a very jolly evening – entertainment, Turkish food – worth every cent! Contact Leigh McAfee for more details leighmcafee@gmail.com

e) WVA 2014: Have you considered signing up for West Virginia ’14? This is always a wonderful time – no skills necessary apart form a cheerful heart and a willingness to work alongside some folk and spend time building relationships!

We can’t do it all without you! Thanks for considering!


Drop me an email!


Welcoming the Stranger: Continuing the Conversation

Hey Restoration,

WTS Image

Nearly a quarter of residents of the D.C. metro area were born in other countries. These neighbors of ours have fascinating stories, talents and abilities, and valuable perspectives to offer us. Many of these folks also have great needs, like friends, community, resources, legal aid, and a knowledge of the Gospel.


God has given his people clear call to love the stranger (Deut. 10:18-19; Psalm 146:9; Matt. 25:35), and Restoration has so many opportunities to do so. Last trimester, our small group focused on how we might live out this call, and this coming Tuesday, we want to continue that conversation.

We’ll be teaming up with the Love Arlington small group for a night of prayer to bring our desires and questions to God for he might lead us in this area. We’ll also be praying alongside our whole denomination, as God has also been prompting the broader community to live out this call more fully.

If you’re interested, please come! Here are the details:

When: Tuesday, March 4th, 7:30-9pm

Where: 5129 10th St North Arlington, VA 22201 (There is plenty of street parking)

A bonus: Shrove Tuesday-themed snacks

Please contact me at clay@restorationarlington.org with any questions.  Have a great weekend, and I hope to see you on Tuesday.


2013: what’s your happiest memory?

1 APEX and friends packaging meals

1. APEX and friends packaging meals












2. january 2013 vestry retreat

2. January 2013 vestry retreat












3. quincy snacks Jan 2013

3. N Quincy ST snacks Jan 2013









4. Cherrydale spring park clearance

4. Cherrydale spring park clearance










5 women's retreat feb 2013

5 women’s retreat feb 2013










6 palm sunday 2013

6 Palm Sunday 2013










7. Easter 2013

7. Easter 2013









8. April at LFPC

8. April at LFPC












9. mens retreat april 2013

9. Mens retreat April 2013












10. Clay's ordination may 2013

10. Clay’s ordination May 2013









11 pre demo prayer summer 2013

11 pre demo prayer Summer 2013









12 summer ladies happy hour

12  ladies happy hour: Summer 








13 APEX - AFAC summer market

13 APEX – AFAC July Farmer’s market










14.  July WVA team

14. July 3-7, WVA team












15 demo aug 15

15 demo aug 15










16 burger bros summer 2013

16 Burger bros summer 2013









17 love Arlington at Courtney's House sept 2013

17 Love Arlington SG at Courtney’s House Sept 2013









18 Fall retreat

18 Fall retreat: October 









19. November: Operation Christmas Child

19. November: Operation Christmas Child









20 advent 2013

20 Advent 2013









21 Liz's ordination

21 Liz’s ordination









22. building 2nd floor

22. building 2nd floor at N Quincy Street












23  End of 2013

23 End of 2013












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