Yes People

A couple of years ago I read Danny Wallace’s ‘Yes man’, in which he chronicles a year of his life when he said ‘yes’ to EVERY request that came to him. Yes it did lead him down some very dubious paths though he drew the line at illegal requests…

It was a largely enjoyable read; though not always edifying :). However, it did make me re-think what my baseline attitude was to requests/suggestions – and I decided that I wanted to be more of a ‘YES’ woman. Since then I have tried, as far as possible, to say yes to requests, suggestions, ideas – or at least allowed them an option of a ‘yes’ response before saying ‘no’!

This has made life much more fun – and led to some amazing opportunities. I was reminded of this when David preached about King David wanting to build a house for God a couple of weeks ago. King David was definitely a ‘yes man’ – but sometimes God had to refocus/reframe his ‘yes-ness’. So with the caution that we need to be clear that we are agreeing to ideas that are actually God ideas not just good ideas, what are you saying YES to at the moment?

DMH, Jon Terry and I are in Asia today – an amazing ‘yes’ moment with God. Pray for us that we know where we should be saying YES and where we should simply be blessing people, praying for them and moving on. There is so much good happening here and so many amazing things we could engage with – but we want to build for the future and be wise as well as willing!