Your heart and money

How you spend your money tells a story.  It’s a story about what is important to you, about what really matters in your life.  It’s a story about where your heart is.  Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  Where’s your heart?  If the story your financial life is telling is a lot different that the story your heart yearns for, then this course may be good news.  You can change the story, you can start a new story.

If this speaks to you perhaps you would like to consider signing up for our small group this trimester, Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Course? imgres Although you may learn all about saving money, getting out of debt or building up a healthy retirement nest egg, the goal isn’t really about money at all.  It’s about living and giving the way God designed us to.

This small group is for anyone.   Perhaps you are just out of school starting your first job or you are newly married and trying to develop your financial plan with your partner.  Maybe you have young children, find yourself without a plan and little time to start one or your children are growing and you’d like to teach them differently.  It could be you have decided that 2014 is your year to take control of your finances or just maybe 2014 is your year to see what God has in mind for you financially.   Our stories may be different but we are all need a plan.

This small group will meet on Wednesday evenings at the Kenyon’s home in Arlington.  Our time together will include a video, discussion, fellowship, prayer, and yes…. a snack!  We will build relationships together, support one another and provide accountability for our goals.  Material are $95 but please don’t let that be your block to signing up.  Talk to us.  Do you have questions?  Contact Kathy or Matt Kenyon anytime, our contact information is on CCB.  We look forward to seeing you.