A small group option…


Are you new to Restoration?

Are you curious about what we believe?

Are you working out what you believe?

What is God’s big story and where do you fit?

Or are you just looking for a convivial small group to get connected into life at Restoration?

This trimester our small group will be using a book called ‘Starting Point’ by Andy Stanley to tease out the answers to these questions and more!

Come and ask all those questions you never know who to ask; all those questions you’ve been too shy to ask; all those questions that seem too obvious to ask…

We will chat, eat snacks, probably have a glass of wine and let the conversation unfold.

Thursdays 7.30pm at the Grays. Sign up here. It’s going to be a great trimester.

Not quite what you are looking for? Why not browse the SG tri 2 booklet to choose a different group? And sign up for a small group today!

Liz and Simon