Pequeño Grupo Bolivia

IMG_3373 - Version 2DID YOU KNOW… there are more Bolivians living in northern Virginia than anywhere else in the world outside of Bolivia?! Well now you do  🙂

AND…do you by chance have a heart for Latin American immigrants and culture? (and speaka da Spanish or Spanglish??) Well even if you don’t meet any of these criteria, we’d love to have you join this small group – where we’ll focus on ways Restoration can engage Bolivians in our community and abroad!

Some background….from Kate Raymond.

There were many elements of Restoration that piqued my interest when I first started attending, and I was particularly interested in finding out what kind of outreach the church participated in. I quickly learned that Restoration reaches out in a local AND global way. Every Sunday I would hear updates about our involvement – from Cambodia and Turkey to West Virginia and our own backyard in Arlington.

This trimester, God has blessed us with the exciting opportunity to discuss bridging local and global outreach related to a particular country – Bolivia. Mitch and Susie Wallin, as well as Endel Liias and I, are thrilled to be leading a small group that will explore ways to connect with Bolivians in our local community and build relationships with people in Bolivia.

Locally, we are interested in finding ways to minister to Bolivians and address needs they may have. This could include language training, vocational guidance, legal assistance, and access to healthcare.

Globally, we will explore ways to establish relationships within the country of Bolivia. We will be praying through the potential long-term partnerships with the Bolivian Anglican Church and the possibility of sending Restoration-ites on mission trips to build relationships face to face and witness what God is doing in Bolivia.

We don’t yet know where this journey will lead but we are excited for what God has in store for this group. We would love to have you join us this trimester as we learn, pray, discern, and discuss the prospects of building bridges with Bolivia!

Kate, Endel, Susie, Mitch

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