Men and Women Formed in the Image of Christ


What do I celebrate?

It’s a question that has been popping up in my journal for a couple weeks now.  I don’t have a refined answer, yet.  But the question has shaped my conversations with God.  When do I jump up and down with glee?  Why do those things bring me such delight?  What do I ask for in prayer?  What do I spend my ‘free time’ day-dreaming about?  What do my celebrations say about what I value?

Those questions have opened great vistas of opportunity for exploring what makes me tick.

One item that came quickly to mind were our 2 series:  ManUp and God and the ‘descriptor’ woman.  These 2 monthly conversations have been a source of great joy for me.  At ManUp we have had over 15 men share a story about how they are experiencing fruit or failure in areas such as humility, courage, decision-making, and sexuality.  On the other side of the gender fence, woman have heard multiple examples of how God has formed them into faithful followers of Jesus.

These monthly conversations have been life-changing for some people in our congregation.  They have realized they are not alone.  They have met up for coffee and lunch with people who can mentor them and pray for them in life’s myriad situations.  They have heard ideas and truth that give them hope and strategies for the stuff that happens.

When I think about that, I celebrate.  Building communities where life-changing transformation can happen is what makes me tick.  And when it happens…  I jump up and down and get real excited.

Thank you God for ManUp.  Thank you for ‘God and the ____ woman’.

One of the topics that came up at both sexuality conversations was masturbation.  Someone in our church wrote an incredibly helpful piece for those who have questions, who are trying to make sense of what’s ok, and who are trying to get past guilt and shame to freedom and life.  I hope it is a grace to you.

ManUp is Tuesday night at 7:30.  Last one of the year.  Probably the most important topic we’ll discuss–  growing the fruit of self-control.  See ya then.