Women Unscripted: Unashamed

candle-in-the-dark-2This afternoon I went back to my notes from a planning meeting we had in April when we came up with our name: Women Unscripted. This is what I wrote that evening:

Each woman shared something of their story – and where God has met them, describing how God has stepped into their story and they have stepped into his. We discussed the scripts that so often play in our heads and how we long for Christ to re-write, or perhaps more accurately, re-frame our stories as he brings his light to bear.

Our prayer for 2014/2015: a year where many women come to listen to Christ’s call on their lives. A call to be unscripted. A call to bring the lies we have lived under into the light and choose a new script.

So – Women Unscripted: Unashamed

9/23 – yup – that’s tomorrow night!

at 7.30pm

In The Sanctuary, at our very own church, 1815 N Quincy St

ALL women invited

As always a great panel – opportunities to think, and pray and meet people and ask questions and just be with other women who want to make sense of life and themselves and God. It’ll be a great night. It always is. And there will be chocolate.

Do come. Bring a friend.

Questions? email Liz