#restocambo part 2

unnamedThe second installment in our series of ‘Cambodia reflections’ 

During my recent trip to Cambodia God worked in my life in ways that were not apparent to me.

We did many activities, one that stuck out to me and made me think was the prayer walk. Walking around Phnom Penh in the red light district, you could feel the evil lurking about. Knowing that this part of town was a place where prostitution, trafficking and abuse was more apparent, I was concerned but curious.

When we started the walk, immediately I saw a man and a woman. As the woman tried to get up, the man continued to hit her so she could not move. After a few whacks, the woman sat down “obediently”. The feeling of anger and sadness overwhelmed me. As I watched this happen, I noticed that my watching eyes turned into glares. It was all I could do not to run up to where they were sitting and yell at him. Tell him how wrong he was. That’s what I wanted to do, but I was there to pray, and let God take the lead.

This visual stayed in my mind and heart during the whole walk. We passed by children, and women standing at the steps of bars on side streets. A caucasian man searching the premise with evil intent. There was nothing I could do, except let God take the lead and trust in him. Trust that he will protect, and that he has a plan for everyone. This may have been the hardest experience of the entire trip, but the best and most significant part at the same time. This experience drew me closer to God, and I truly realized that I need to let him take the lead, and that’s what I want.

~Julie Kenyon