Why Cambodia?

4wIA9hYMDIZ3z83KMmb6ABgFR4y5jGM29N-wwQFEpkU,InH3IZUcnPRKP1mmJKx7Iu5JC44NAXkdl7uUxs33AUw,c6KeV4HT9fTIX6qJeuVO3MiC-UDURkMnsex6sZHejaQChurch of Christ our Peace (CCOP) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is the Anglican church where Restoration missionaries Jesse and Sarah Blaine and their girls worship. Every year during Easter week at Restoration we follow a regular discipline of giving away the offerings to an overseas partner, and this year we are delighted to be able to give to CCOP.

They have grown rapidly in the last year since Gregory Whitaker took up the reins as the International congregation Pastor under the leadership of the Rev Tit Heing (the Khmer Senior Pastor) and are entering into a time of demolishing their old – far too small – building and re-building something more appropriate to their growing size, with facilities for the services and programs they look forward to offering their local communities.

SXnsBhT-HKtfj17LEEfLCpQuc60kINAN_gXBzSH_JXg,AGrwvddzgBsnIXU2rucu5Q1RR7vVXWaNkXuF0U2Xfg8Restoration is just emerging from that process, so it’s wonderful to be able to support them financially and with prayer as they worship in various temporary locations, as they work out interim solutions to being without a base and as they continue to reach out to their neighbors and friends with the truth of the gospel. We know how it feels to be homeless!

In addition, this summer, Restoration is sending our second team (pic. at the top is of the glorious Nov 2014 team) to Cambodia who will be serving in two ways. The first half of the team (David Hanke, Liz Gray, Matthew and Kelley Spainhour) will be leading a prayer training for all the Khmer Anglican pastors from June 30 – July 3. David will then head home and the rest of the team (Brent Jones, Caitlin Staples, Regan and Christine Wilson, Mike and Jen Dodson, Bev Westergren, Matthew Lowery) will arrive July 6; for the next week we will be doing a mixture of prayer walking, visiting projects and running a VBS for the International congregation.

So – how can you support the team?

Please consider:

  • praying: would you like regular prayer updates? Send your name and email to Liz to get on the list
  • joining the Cambodia small group Tri 2: as we pray, prepare and learn about Cambodia
  • supporting the team financially: it’s a long way to Cambodia and each team member needs to raise $2,500 for their flight and on ground expenses. Feel free to give via CCB or check (memo:Cambodia 15/name of person).
  • asking questions: do reach out to team members and ask them why they are going, invite them for dinner when they get back and listen to their stories and let your heart expand for the work God is doing among the Khmer and Internationals in Cambodia.

Any questions? Ask Liz!

~Liz Gray