SG #16 – Christianity Explored…with Michael & Jen Dodson


Continuing our series about new Small Groups options, here are a few words about from Michael & Jen Dodson, leaders of Small Group #16

Christianity Explored is a short course, using Mark’s gospel, to consider three questions:

(1) Who was Jesus? (2) What did he actually say and do? (3) Why does it matter?

The format is relational and conversational.  We’ll share a meal, have a short talk, and then enter into conversation. The course is not confessional i.e. no expectation of knowledge coming in; no expectation of commitment going out.

So why should you come?

(1) Religion for the sake of religion is not a worthy endeavor if the foundation is untrue.  God gives us the Bible and his Spirit so we can read and know first-hand that this thing is true.  We aren’t just making a plea to non-believers:  many Christians have never engaged with the source documents and allowed God to show them the truth of the gospel.  This is a safe place to question, engage and test for truth.

(2) Being ready and willing to speak and explain the gospel is hard for most people, even when someone is asking questions and clearly ready to have the conversation.  This course is an opportunity to bring those people along. People are often ready to come if you, their friend or co-worker, will invite and come with them.  Rarely will people come on their own if all you do is tell them about the course and give them an email address.

(3) If you have never sat down and worked through a book of the Bible, much less sat alongside someone else and worked through a book of the Bible with them, then you should come.  Mark is cohesive story, meant to elucidate true events.  It’s meant to be read in full, evaluated, wrestled with, questioned, and digested.  No PhD required: you just need to take the book seriously and be willing to ask serious questions.  We are going to do that, and once you’ve seen it done you can do it yourself.

That’s it.  No knowledge is expected.  We won’t pray or sing or ask anyone to read aloud.  You can ask any question you want. Come.  Bring friends.

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