SG #30 – The Meaning of Marriage…with Ray & BJ Blunt


As Small Groups Sign-Up’s get started this fall, we wanted to tell you about a few of the options. Here are a few words from Ray Blunt, leader of small group #30

If there is any difficult but supremely rewarding challenge in life it is a long term marriage. Sure it’s tough, but by God’s grace and strength we come to realize that the goodness He intended for this relationship mirrors the eternal love dance of the Trinity. That is why we are offering this group for couples to gather together to examine the biblical and practical principles of marriage.

We will be reading and discussing Tim and Kathy Keller’s The Meaning of Marriage as a framework for looking at the reality of our own relationships – after the dust of the reception and the honeymoon have settled and life together has begun. If the past is prologue, there are lots of hilarious stories to share and lots of “I know what you mean” moments that will occur.

If you feel ready for a deeper and practical understanding of what Paul calls “a mystery,” please come join us in our home in Mount Vernon on Thursday evenings this fall at 7:30-9:00. You will find some kindred spirits to accompany you on the journey for a while.

  • Ray & B.J. Blunt

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