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  1. Weber Ivy
    January 6, 2016 @ 5:49 pm

    I already signed up for our SG #28 earlier this week, but it was just now that I also saw the invitation to come to the Liz and Simon’s house at 7:30 PM a week from tonight, on Wed. 01/13. Now I know that the Asia Minor small group will meet this trimester on Thursday nights at 7:30 there at the Gray’s house, and it sounds as if that could possibly start on Thurs. 0114–and then I already signed up for the Resto Men’s retreat Fri. and Sat. 01/15-16. Oh my, what a dilemma. Frankly, I’d love to be at all 3 of those events, but that’s probably a bit much to compress in one week, so maybe I should just stick with beginning the Asia Minor small group and then departing the next day for that Resto Men’s retreat, and take a rain check on any future gatherings which will feature stories directly from that mission field. Sometimes I wish I could do it all, but that’s probably my best option during that very busy time next week. But I do appreciate the information, and perhaps we’ll even get to hear about some of the missions reports from the previous night when we gather at the Gray’s place on the following nigh
    t, Thurs. 01/14. Thanks, Everyone! — Weber


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